3 March 2012

Wrassling with Rissoles

Hubby will say that the Rissoles just aren't worth writing about.  However, I disagree.

I do so because of one simple reason - a photograph.  It is quite the best photograph (taken by hubby - the Blog Photographer) of its type, I have seen in ages.

So - the rissoles.  Well, they were (in my opinion) around 50% successful in that they had an interesting flavour and a surprising texture.  However, from hubby's point of view (who was attempting to re-create a flavour from his childhood), they failed miserably.

Before cooking
The mixture of lamb, onion and parsley all combined very well and apart from their drying out in the cooking procedure, they were really quite nice.  I even didn't object to their dryness - which wasn't intended, but resulted in a certain crispiness that was flavoursome and very savoury.

However, they weren't right - so I haven't blogged the recipe, but if you like "as it happens" photographs of food cooking, get a load of this one :

A rissole, frying madly in amazingly frothy (why did it do that?) oil.  Love it!



  1. I love rissoles for the texture. Great photos

  2. I am with YOU here Jenny! I think rissoles deserve to be made public as I adore them! Yours look fabulous too....

  3. I'd very definitely give them another go, as I felt the flavours were worth investigating further. I suspect a lot of the problems came because the recipe said to use pre-cooked minced lamb. I can't help but think that if we'd have used raw minced lamb, they'd have held their moisture better. Never mind, you live and learn! :)


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