31 January 2012

What to do with some ageing bananas? Why, Banana Bread, of course!

I'll tell you what, I reckon that for every banana I've ever bought, there have been at least one or two that have lingered on in the fruit bowl, until being heaved into the bin.

This is because of several factors.

The first is that, although I like bananas, I also know that son & heir and hubby also enjoy bananas - so I don't eat them because I can eat other things like oranges (which they don't enjoy so much).

The second is that as soon as a banana shows the slightest blemish on its skin, son & heir won't touch it as he's convinced the blemish goes right through to the fruit.  I don't know how many times we've demonstrated that this is not the case, but he still won't touch a banana that has even tiny black spots.

Lastly, hubby reckons that I'm hosting a retirement home for aged and infirm bananas, in which they can moulder away in peace.

Now bananas have taken on a new importance in our house since hubby has been diagnosed with diabetes.  They are a good "emergency breakfast" for him, in circumstances where true breakfast might be a few hours away.  Being portable, they are perfect for grabbing on the run and eating when on the move.

This is why they are now appearing with more regularity in the Rest Home (a.k.a. the fruit bowl).

I hate to lose a good banana, although I can't eat them when they are very old and winey as they have a habit of repeating on me for the remainder of the day.  This has then, of necessity, meant that I have needed to investigate ways of making use of our elderly yellow friends.

I mentioned making Banana Bread to hubby some months ago, but the bananas then deteriorated so rapidly that they had to be virtually poured into the bin.  This time, when two vaguely mangy-looking fruit appeared to be languishing in the fruit bowl, he struck - and made Banana Bread.

The recipe is his very own, in that he did some research beforehand and the end recipe is an amalgamation of little bits of other recipes.  You could say that he's taken other recipe authors' advice, and come up with a recipe of his own.

Either way, I've got to say that this Banana Bread was extremely yummy!  Quite fine textured, it has a lovely strong banana flavour that leaves you in no doubt as to its main ingredient.  The end result is almost as soft as a sponge cake, but is definitely robust enough to sustain a little butter being spread across it, or accompanying some custard as a dessert.

He'll have to watch out, or I'll be hiding bananas away with the intent of not eating them before planting them in the fruit bowl - all ready for conversion to Banana Bread!

Oh, and because all his best recipes he claims to have been "made with love", his recipe is written so that you, too, can make your Banana Bread for your family "with love".  I take no responsibility for the terms in which it is couched.  *chuckle*


Ingredients :
3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed
75g melted butter
200g granulated sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp ground mixed spice
1 tsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
200g of plain flour.

For dusting :

1 tsp Cinnamon powder mixed into 4 tsp caster sugar.

Method :

1.  In a large bowl, mingle the melted butter and the mashed bananas.

2.  Amalgamate the mixture with sugar, egg, mixed spice and vanilla extract before wafting in the baking soda and the salt.

3.  Finally, with a smile on your face, a contented sigh and using a wooden spoon, massage the sieved flour into the gloop before dolloping into a well buttered but neat little 8 by 4 inch loaf tin.

4.  Thrust into an oven, pre-heated to 350f (175c), and bake for one hour.

5.  Poof the top with the cinnamon sugar and leave to cool on a wire rack.
Demonstrating a very well poofed top.  Oh yes.
(I particularly enjoyed the "poofing" of the cinnamon sugar - Jenny E.)



  1. I had a friend in Hampton - she was a child-minder, actually - who would regularly make this for her little flock of minded birdies. Her speciality was to add a little pot of childrens' yoghurt to the mix, helping it to stay moist. Yumm.

  2. Ah yes! That would follow along the Muffin route - as you often add yoghurt or buttermilk to muffin mixes for that same reason. I've got to say, however, that this Banana Bread wasn't around for long - but it stayed beautifully moist while it was. :)

  3. Don't know if you've had the pleasure of one-ingredient-banana-ice-cream. (You freeze some bananas, let them defrost for about 10 minutes, whizz them in a blender, then eat them. Marvellous.)

    I had too many frozen bananas so had a go at making banana bread from them, it was terrible. There was no banana flavour and it was seriously dry. Won't be using frozen bananas for cake purposes again. :(

  4. Just this evening, Jane, we've had the immeasurable pleasure of a Banana & Mango ice cream, made with the frozen bananas. Hubby made it and used canned Mango pulp, frozen bananas (obviously), buttermilk, a little cream and some thick glycerine. He whizzed it all up together and then put it into the ice cream machine to churn, then into the freezer. The glycerine stops it from becoming too frozen - and it was almost "soft scoop". Gorgeous!


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