17 January 2012

Jenny Eatwell's Rhubarb & Ginger is now on Pinterest

Once again, I've been a bit slow in catching on to Pinterest.  It's the story of my life really, in that just about everything I've ever done, I've done it about two months after the rest of the world has caught on.  I blame my parents.  (Joke!).  Well, I was born late - so I'm led to understand, anyway - and I've been late for everything ever since.

Aaanyway - Pinterest.

For those who are even later coming to it than I was, it's a very simple idea for a site.  It's basically (or as far as I understand it) where you can post up photographs that have caught your attention and you'd like to share with others.  Now there's two different denominations of photograph - those stand-alone pictures and those that have a website linked to them.

Other Pinterest users can then browse the site and, if they like one of your photographs, they can either "pin" it to one of their boards (you can make multiple "boards" under different categories), or simply express their "like" for it.

I've been posting up photographs taken from Rhubarb & Ginger here and linking the photographs back to the blog.  Now if someone was to search for one of my search terms, the chances are my photographs would come up for them to browse through.  This way, I've been able to browse some great blogsites that I otherwise might not have found.

However, that's not all.  You can also contribute to the blog site by writing pieces on hints and tips - just about anything really!

If you're curious, take a look!  It can be hugely time consuming - but there are some fantastic photographs out there.



  1. Thank you for explaining Pinterest! I've seen people using it, but had no idea what it was.

    I've just started trying Tumblr as well, only five years after everyone else...

  2. Well you're doing better than I am. I joined Tumblr around two years ago, but have never got further than that!


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