19 June 2014

A few milestones made ... and surpassed.

Every morning I open up Blogger to have a look at the figures for Rhubarb & Ginger and do whatever admin is required - deleting spam posts, etc.  For the past few weeks, this has been quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath as I read the figures for page views from the previous day.

Take this morning, for instance.  Yesterday's page views are recorded as being 13,465.

*blink*  What?  ~looks again~  Yup, it's there in black and white.  Thirteen thousand four hundred and sixty five page views in the one day.


At the beginning of this month, we were receiving an average of 5,000 page views a day - which I thought was amazing enough!

There are probably all sorts of reasons for this upturn in events, so I thought I'd share a couple with you.

I've recently been working with "The Besty" - a restaurant recommendation site - in return for their publishing a writeup for Jenny Eatwell's Rhubarb & Ginger.  It all went very well and I was quite satisfied with the results.

Then, purely by accident, today I discovered the following vimeo video : http://vimeo.com/96637172 go on - have a look.  It's full of wonderful American joi de vivre.  LOL

Not content with appearing in some mad American video, it would seem that The Guardian has noticed us!  The lovely Marmaduke Scarlet included us in her column on what to do with leftover ham (of all things!).  LOL


You need to roll down the page, but we're there - at number 22, honest!

British rose veal with rosemary and lemon .... mmmmn.
So even though I have been remiss in not posting for ages - been taking a bit of a "sudden onset summer holiday", if the truth be known - I have still been working away behind the scenes and will have new recipes (some fantastic Rose Veal recipes particularly) arriving soon.

I thank everyone who has contributed to making Rhubarb & Ginger the force to be reckoned with that it is - and that includes you, the reader.  You're all brilliant, in your own particular, many and varied ways.

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