13 November 2010

Chilli, Bacon & Sweetcorn Cornbread

As detailed in my earlier blog, hubby set to on Wednesday and made us a beautiful batch of Cornbread to accompany the Chilli he'd made earlier in the day.  I used to make Cornbread regularly at the weekend and we'd just munch on some when the mood took us.  A lack of the right kind of Polenta (or maize flour) stopped those sorts of shenanigans (which is probably just as well, consider the calories involved) and we sort of forgot about it for ages - literally, years.

His sudden bright idea about making it again was a stroke of brilliance, as we knew it would go beautifully with the chilli - which indeed it did.  Instead of a plain Cornbread, he made one with red chilli, bacon and sweetcorn.  For me, the bacon flavour seemed to disappear, with the chilli standing up bravely against those in the meat part of the dish and the sweetcorn providing a lovely sweet, crunchy counterpoint.  As always, the best part of the Cornbread is the corners with their gorgeously crunchy stickiness, which makes me wonder about producing it in Muffin tins in future, so as to maximise the "corner effect".  Mind you, with the melted butter glistening on the top surface, I'm thinking that this is one that doesn't bear repeating too often!

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