31 August 2013

Today's dinner : a bit of a buffet!

As a friend on Facebook said when he saw the photograph of this evening's dinner, "you can't beat a bit of a buffet".

Son and heir's pal was staying over another night and so, we thought we'd lay an a High Tea.  We haven't done one for a long old time and it's one of Son & heir's favourite meals, so it was about time.

Hubby is always responsible for the putting together of a High Tea and he always does something additionally to what we've decided.  Today's bonus yumminess were Ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter and sultanas) and what should have been just Philadelphia cream cheese on Ritz crackers, but which turned out to have shards of bacon too!

So, what we had were prawns in soft rolls, sausage rolls, pork pies, marinated beetroot, the aforesaid crackers and logs, mature cheddar cheese cubes, Austrian smoked cheese, BabyBel mini cheeses, cherry tomatoes, vegetable crisps, Piccalilli, pickled peppers and pickled onions.

For dessert - if you could fit it in - was a strawberry gateau.  The only thing home made here was the sauce that the prawns were in, but am I embarrassed?  Nope.  Everyone has to have a day off!
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