28 April 2013

An enormous lunch at the Toby Carvery, Fleetsbridge, Poole

Son & heir was out for the day today (Sunday), so we decided to take ourselves off to the local Toby Carvery for lunch.

I was (as I always am) a little bit worried about how we were going to manage getting in a settled, but amazingly, we managed to get in without any great problem even though all the disabled parking spaces were taken.  The non-disabled parking spaces were sufficiently wide that it made getting out (and back in) an easy matter.  My wheelchair even fitted through the front door!  (There have been notable occasions when it hasn't).  We were shown to our table by a very nice young lady who facilitated moving a few things to make it easier for us.

With a bit of a 53 point turn, I was able to get my feet tucked under the table and we were there.

We had a lovely carvery meal and I considered taking a photograph, however, there would have been little point to it, as my dinner consisted of several complex layers!  We both had "a little bit of everything" - gorgeous tasty roast beef, the most amazingly tasty roast pork, beautiful succulent roast turkey and juicy gammon with accompanying gravy (which was really tasty), both cranberry and bread sauce and two chipolata sausages.

I am almost (but not quite) embarassed to admit to having some extremely tasty roast potatoes that although a bit squashed and not crispy, did taste amazing and had to have been cooked in the fat from the meat, along with carrots, peas, green beans, yummy cauliflower cheese, cabbage, some gorgeous stuffing and an enormous yorkshire pudding!  Boy, were we stuffed!

After a bit of a polite pause to aid digestion, we had just enough room left to share a Raspberry Eton Mess - which turned out to be 80% cream, 15% meringue and 5% the tiniest raspberries in the world - but which was really very nice, before we (slowly) attempted getting back out again.

As it turned out, getting back out was almost as easy as getting in - special thanks go out to the two gentlemen who got up from their own meal to hold the doors for us.

It was still fairly early in the afternoon and it seemed a shame to go home, so we went for a little drive around, via Poole Quay and all its variety of boats and through Poole Park where we admired the bootiful flowers, before coming home for a likkle snooze.

What a lovely day.  Son & heir wants to watch out, or we'll be encouraging him to go out more often!  lol
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