15 April 2011

Friday mumblings ... and a zombie Jack Russell

Well, here we are at another Friday.  How do the weeks go so fast?  This week has been somewhat blissful for me, as I worked on Monday but not on Thursday, nor the Monday coming - which means I'll have 9 days straight without having to go to work.  Yummy!

I do love my work - I'm the person who makes sure all the suppliers get paid for a Bournemouth hotel that specialises in ballroom dancing holidays - and it only happens two days a week for four hours each day, but all the same, it's lovely to have some time off.

As I'm sure you all know, I menu-plan for a week ahead.  When I do the menu (usually on a Sunday), I then convert it into two shopping lists - one for the online order (which I place on a Sunday) and one for Saturday's top-up shop where we fetch in the meat and vegetables for the weekend, plus anything critical that's either run out or we find we need before next Tuesday's delivery.  It sounds a bit complicated, but I've been doing it for so long now, I don't think I would know how to run the shopping without menu planning!

This morning, I checked the shopping list to see if I needed to go to the butchers - which I could see I did.  Except, from the distance of the side of my bed, the scrawlings on the notepad where Saturday's shopping list was, looked like "6 pork steaks and landmines".  LANDMINES???  ~rubs eyes, looks again~  Oooh, not "landmines", but "lamb mince!".  LOL  I was sure, all the way to the butcher, that I'd ask for landmines instead of lamb mince.

As it was, my unruly tongue behaved itself (for once) and I asked for lamb mince.  However, unfortunately, they didn't have any!  Can you believe that?  I'd been talking to a nice fellow (@sweetjunkie on Twitter) about how people are apparently not eating as much lamb mince as we have done, these days.  It's not surprising, if the butchers don't have any!  Although I do admit that may be because there just isn't call for it these days.  I dunno - and I hope not!  Having had some lamb mince from the butcher recently, I wouldn't want to have to go back to supermarket pap again.  I came away with 600g of beef mince which I put in the freezer, as a fall-back position just in case I can't find any lamb before Sunday.

Hubby came back from town yesterday, reporting that the greengrocer in the market place had some blood oranges!  Unfortunately, he didn't get any as he thought we'd a plethora of oranges in the fridge already, but has gone back there today in the hope that he'll be there again.  We've had a bit of a run on orange-themed dinners just lately that has eaten into my orange supply, so I'd be glad of some lovely blood oranges.

Can you see them?
In the "news from my garden" department, I noticed yesterday that the Gooseberry seems to have teensy tiny microscopic gooseberries appearing!  I can't really believe that - so long as the birdies leave it alone - I'll have THAT many gooseberries, but it'd be lovely if so!

The postman has just arrived, bringing me some sugar-free sweeties from www.sweetjunkie.com to try!  Yay!  I knew it was going to be a good day!  Here is Basil, pondering on whether dogs like sugar-free sweeties and if so, which one to start with.  LOL  Son & heir as already decided it's to be the sugar free little bears.  Me, I fancy starting with the Lun Jeelers - has anyone got any idea what the heck a "Lun Jeeler" is?

Uh-oh!  From the sounds of despair coming from the kitchen (where son & heir is trying to reproduce the toasted ham & egg sandwich I had for breakfast), I'd better go and lend a hand.  'Till later!

By the way - and just quickly before I go - here's the Jack Russell in zombie glasses that I promised all those Twitterers would see if they visited my blog.  There, I bet you're glad you did, now!  :)

Whoooooo - scary!

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