13 June 2013

A late night leftover dip idea!

So there I was, in the living room, browsing Facebook and swapping yarns with my rowdy mates, when I got peckish.  I'd skipped lunch that day, you see - which I blame entirely upon the lovely goodies we bought home from Patisserie Mark Bennett.  Aaaanyway.

I need dip - make me some diiiip!
It was getting on for nearly - also known as a bit late - so I was looking for a little soupçon of something, a smackerel of a taster, something to just dampen down the peckishness before bed.

Off I went to investigate supplies.  Thanks to the leftover bits of stuff in the fridge, I came to make what amounts to a delightful discovery.

You take a ramekin and empty out the remains of a pot of sour cream into it.

Add enough Greek yoghurt until it's fairly full.  (A ratio of 2:1, sour cream:Greek yoghurt, I'd say).

Stir in a teaspoon and a half of mint sauce - the vinegary one - then add a teaspoonful of miniature capers. Stir.

Take a pitta bread - or your favourite dipping ammunition - and dip. Eat. Marvel at your own brilliance. LOL

I'm sorry, I don't have a photograph of it - because it really wasn't around long enough to photograph.  Imagine a pot of green flecked yoghurt.  That's about what it looked like! 


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