5 May 2012

Cornish Blue treasure!

With obligatory toast, so that you can see the size properly
There's treasure in them thar chairity shoppes, I've known it for years.

Today, hubby ventured off down to the "road bearing much charity shoppedness" to have a scout around and see what he could find.

He found - amongst some sweetcorn prongs and a fat separating jug for gravy (not for bodily fat, unfortunately) - these seven Cornish Blue tea plates.

Be still my beating heart!

Having had a look on the website, they are currently retailing at around £8.75 each.  We just got seven for £7 - second hand.

Am I happy, or am I happy?

They go very nicely with my Cornish Blue coffee mug that he found in a boot sale recently - plus, we needed some tea plates as all ours (bar one) have met an untimely death.  I hope our tea plate smashing days are over, as I'd hate to see these hit the deck one by one!


  1. Ohh its sooo pretty, love cornish blue! Well done on your bargain finds! x

    1. Thanks, Anne. :) They really do brighten up my day.

  2. I love it! Cornish Blue is so pretty - I would love to collect it too but have so much vintage china I must refrain so will just drool over yours! :)

    1. Well, my collection of Cornish Blue is definitely in it's infancy. However, I've always liked Cornish Blue so I'm very happy to find it beginning to accumulate. :) Next thing I'm going to want is a Welsh dresser to put it on. LOL Thinking on, can you get Cornish dressers?


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