28 April 2012

Voting begins for the Sainsbury's "Best Family Blogger" Award

Vote, vote, vote! says the baby Stoat
Yes, folks, it's time to get your voting hat on and go and vote, vote, vote, like a baby stoat!

If you feel like supporting Rhubarb & Ginger in the quest to become one of the ten shortlisted blogs for the Sainsbury's Best Family Blogger Award, hie yourself along to this link where you'll be able to register your vote.

The ten shortlisted blogs get tickets to the Sainsbury's Jubilee Family Festival in Hyde Park, with the ultimate winner receiving an iPad3.  Exciting! 


  1. have been and voted - there's loads of competition - loving the baby stoat .......

  2. Thanks, Viv! I know - the competition is vast. I was quite surprised at how many were competing for the shortlist. As for the baby stoat, well, how could you not vote when he's asking you to? lol


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