25 November 2011

Rhubarb & Ginger breaks its own record!

Jenny Eatwell's Rhubarb & Ginger has today passed its all-time record for page views, which stood at 3,627 in a month.  With five days left in the month, I can't help but think that we're probably going to smash that record into tiny pieces!

Big thanks go out to all of you people who stop by here for inspiration, amusement or just because you're hungry.

None of this would be possible, without your keep coming back to read the next instalment, so I thank you all, most sincerely.

Just a little edit to say that, with a day to go, we're standing at 4,425 page views.  Wow!  

You're all brilliant, did you know that?


  1. Well thank you, Seren. :) Those thanks are directed especially at people like you - people who take the time to say a few words in response. I love getting comments - even ones which disagree with me!

  2. Long may you continue :-)

  3. And long may you continue taking luscious photographs of it all, dear Hubby! :)

  4. Well done Jenny! The only way is up, up, up!

  5. I'm glad you are so blessed with a dear hubby who supports your efforts! Congratulations on your success. It's fun for us to see what's next , , ,

  6. Yes, he's a little (well, quite tall actually!) gem, Anna. Thankyou!

    Can't wait to see what figure we finish on, today!


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