3 October 2011

Ice cream maker - hubby's new toy!

Yes, we've finally succumbed to the regular appearance of an ice cream maker on t.v. cooking shows - and bought one.

In our defence, I would say that it was half-price in the local Comet, so it could have been worse.  It's the Kenwood IM200, which can make just over 1 litre at a time.

Hubby, bless his little cotton socks, has wanted one of these since he first realised they existed and, caught in the first flush of exuberance at actually having one, made some Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  Make an easy recipe first go?  Nah - just go for it!

You can find the recipe for this ice cream here : http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/641787

I won't bother with setting out the recipe here, as I doubt it'll get made again.  Not because it's not completely gorgeous, oh no.  But because it had random results when tried on the family.  I absolutely love the stuff and could eat it until either I was very very poorly, or we ran out.  One or the other.  Son & heir liked it to begin with, but has gone off the idea since.  Hubby loves the flavour, but the texture has him fighting a gag reflex.

Hence, if you like a rich cream-based, slightly chewy textured, smooth ice cream - go for it!

Hubby's next venture was a bit more sensible, if you consider that he's diabetic and we're all supposed to be attempting to trim the flab somewhat.

He made FroYo - or frozen yoghurt.  It was a simple matter of getting two large tubs (450g) of their Pear, Cinnamon & Sultana yoghurt and freezing it via the ice cream maker.  I can definitely recommend this approach to mid-week ice cream demands.  It's a bit more exciting than replying "yoghurt" when asked what's for pudding.  Son & heir has given the thumbs up to the project, too.

Today, he's back to making proper ice cream and has just cropped Ruby, the rhubarb plant.  I'll be back with the recipe, if it proves to be a goodun!


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