8 September 2011

More Cornish Pasties!

Look at 'em, all golden and lovely!
Hooray!  We actually got around to making those Cornish Pasties we'd been promising ourselves for the last two weeks.

I made them exactly how I describe in the Cornish Pasty blog post here and didn't even tinker about with the ingredients.

Oh!  I'm fibbing.  I did change one thing, which was when putting the filling in each pastry circle, I decided to put half the steak mince on the bottom, then the vegetables, then the other half of the steak mince on the top.  I felt that would give a better distribution of meat to vegetable, which is exactly what happened.  So I'm pleased with that.  

Three lines cut into the top - traditional R us.

I'm also pleased that, this time, I was well enough to eat one!  Again, I served them just simply with some baked beans.  They are so huge that they really don't need anything more than that - and I did, in fact, consider not having baked beans but keeping the tomato ketchup bottle close by, which would certainly have worked.

You can even see the pepper!
Hubby did the rolling out of the pastry, thank goodness, and we had a little production line going.  We did investigate the proposition of making more, smaller pasties - but the division of the pastry was too confusing, so we just went with what worked previously.

Never mind your shop bought pasties, these pasties truly are the best I have tasted since my ex-fiance's Mum made some, around ooooh, some 34 years ago now.  Now that's not bad going, I'd say!


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