21 June 2011

Salmon & Asparagus Salad

Before I say anything else about this salad, let me just point out that I enjoyed it and would have it again - so I'm not ruling out the prospect of this being "girl food".  Any men out there reading this might like to bear this in mind.  *wink*
However, firstly, let me point out something very important.  Today I discovered why the salmon we bought was half the price of any other type.

When I took it from its packet to wash and prepare it, I had to be very careful or my fingertips would keep sinking into the flesh.  Now that's not good - not in a salmon.  To be that soft and squidgy can only indicate one thing to me, which is that the salmon had been previously frozen.

I suspect, very strongly, that we got caught with some of the "fresh (not fresh at all) salmon" that the newspapers had been talking about recently.  Another point worth noting is that the fishmonger (or "fella who works on the fish stall at Asda") didn't advise us that the fish had been previously frozen.  I could easily have taken it home and frozen it again.  Yeuk!

I cooked the salmon in the microwave for two and a half minutes, with no extra milk or water, but covered and so it cooked in its own juice.  Its own not inconsiderable juice.  The end result had a good flavour that was mild and clean, but the flesh was so soggy it quite spoiled the meal for both hubby and Son & heir.  Because I'm a dustbin, I enjoyed mine anyway, but it would have been a lot nicer if it was firmer.

So that wasn't a good start.

I really wasn't in a good place to be making this salad today.  I forgot to season the potatoes once they were cooked, forgot to season the salad, basically it all went wrong because I was hurting too much and I suspect my mind wasn't really on the job.

However, had it have all come together in the way it was supposed to, it would have been very nice indeed.  Unless you're a boy or unless you get rubbish salmon.


Ingredients :

3 salmon fillets
a Little Gem lettuce or salad leaves of your choice
9 Jersey Royal new potatoes, halved
6 baby plum tomatoes, quartered
6 asparagus spears, halved lengthways
3 radishes, sliced thinly
a third of a red pepper, sliced thinly
slices of cucumber, halved
a beetroot, sliced thinly
an avocado, sliced thinly
3 tsp green pesto
6 tsp extra virgin olive oil.

Method :

1.  Put a pan of water on to boil and, when boiling, add the new potatoes.  Cook until tender then remove them with a slotted spoon to a bowl and add some butter and seasoning.  Retain the cooking liquid for the asparagus.

2.  Prepare all the salad ingredients and arrange them on either a large serving plate or individual plates, not forgetting to add a little seasoning.

3.  Prepare the dressing, by adding the extra virgin olive oil to the pesto and stirring well.

4.  Place the fish into a microwaveable dish, cover with a plate or some such ill-fitting lid (so as to allow the steam to escape) and microwave on high for two and a half minutes.  Allow to stand.

5.  While the fish is cooking, add the asparagus to the potato pan and cook for 2 minutes, then drain.

6.  Arrange the potatoes onto the salad ingredients, then arrange the asparagus.
7.  Drizzle with the dressing.

8.  Finally, remove the fish from the microwave and remove its skin, then place on top of the salad.

9.  Serve.



  1. I seem to remember Jenny, you saying you use Asda in B'mth. Not that it makes any difference, l use the one in Poole. If you ever decide on a change, go to the one in Poole, go and, see Mel, the fishmonger, and, yes, you can mention my name, he'll look after you. (not that he shought'nt look after everyone). Wink.....Wink.....! :)>
    But, like all food, including fish, l like to buy it 'on the hoof', so to speak. Head and all.
    No fillets, cuts or pieces. And, after all said and done, it works out cheaper....!
    But, that's a naughty thing to do, as far as Asda are concerned, and, l would certainly take issue with them on your next visit.
    And, to use my favorite expression...."Get the manager please". It's great fun to....Makes shopping that little bit more interesting....! :0).
    But, the fish dish looks great.....AND.....
    The Muffins....Wow! Yes! They look the bee's knee's...(And, bee's do have knee's).
    Lovely......! :).

  2. Well, funnily enough, we went to Poole's Asda yesterday because Bournemouth's disabled trolleys can't make it around the shop at the moment. So, if Mel is a big round chap, then he's who sold us that rubbish fish! LOL But then, having said that, it's all a learning curve and it's taught us to look at the labelling a bit closer.

  3. Well I think this salad sounds lovely - although I'm willing to bet my own personal man child might be dubious! I don't know about you, but I find balancing both budgetary and quality considerations can be a real issue eith products like salmon , sadly. I must admit I recently bought some Waitrose fillets that cooked from frozen and was quite impressed by the quality - it tasted very fresh when cooked. Sigh, maybe a lottery win would help... :-)

  4. Looks great! i love the combination of the colors of the vegetables you used, they are pleasing to they eye and the pallets...i would add some fresh lemon juice to the dressing, it goes well with Salmon, but this might be my personal preference.
    i found your blog on Very Good Recipes and i will be back to check out more of your cooking.

  5. Hi there! Yes, it would have been great, had the fish been better - and I like your lemon juice idea. It would have given a nice sharp note with the pesto.

    Do, please, feel free to look back across the months, as there's quite a library of recipes here now. :)

  6. Thanks for the comment on www.cookingunderwriter.com. By the way this looks devine and its Lunch time here and todays the farmers market so I am headed there after lunch to get these ingredients!!!

    Please follow me I will follow you right now!

  7. Hello Mrs Mix-it! I've just been to check and I did follow you while I was there looking around. I thought I did, as I know I'll be back for some inspiration! :)

  8. Hi jenny.
    First onest people in busines they are not many left.
    I will like give an suggestion,if appened again, rol the salmon on the tomato souce and oil and cook on the owen for few minues it make crost on top is nice and cruncy.

  9. That's a great idea Andrea - and I did think, after the event, that if I ever find myself with squashy salmon again (hopefully not, but you never know!) I'd have to oven-cook it. Rolling it in a tomato sauce is a brilliant idea, though. :) Thanks!


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