24 April 2011

I haven't run away, honest!

Just to let you all know that I haven't run away, I've been very busy preparing for, cooking for and entertaining my parents who came for the day today (Easter Sunday).

We had a lovely day, and ate Pot Roast Brisket of Beef, with Ottolenghi's Fennel & Cherry Tomato Gratin, Boulangere potatoes, asparagus and stringless beans - all of which was suitably moistened by a superb gravy made with the stock the Brisket was poached in, together with horseradish cream and grain mustard.

For dessert, we had rhubarb & custard brulee - which finished everything off perfectly.

We didn't have wine as none of us drink at lunchtimes, but we managed to empty two bottles of Asda's Extra Special Sparkling White Muscat Juice, which is non-alcoholic and at £1.51 a bottle hardly broke the bank, but provided a suitably sparkling celebration drink to toast everyone's health by.

Full blog post is yet to come .....


  1. A very Happy Easter to you and yours Jenny........
    ME!......I shared my Sunday lunch with a rabbit,
    l sat at the patio table, and the rabbit......
    was on the plate....! Relaxing in a tin of tomatos, and other Italian condiments, and a little Vino Calapso. Well, a bottle actually.
    lovely....! :).
    What Do You Call An Easter Rabbit With Fleas.................?
    Bugs Bunny.......! :0).

  2. Happy Easter - looks like you had a good one! x

  3. Willie - sharing your Easter table with a rabbit seems a thoroughly appropriate thing to do, to be honest! lol

    Thanks Suzy - hope you had a lovely Easter, too. :)


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