6 February 2011

Sweetbird Smoothies : another product review!

There’s going to be a little rush on product reviews, as the lovely people at Beyond the Bean sent us a job lot to try out!

The next yummy thing we sampled, were the new Smoothies from Sweetbird.

Unlike a lot of Smoothies out there, Sweetbird make theirs completely from fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.  There is no dairy involvement at all, which is nice if you’re dairy intolerant and also nice because it results in a gorgeously tangy smoothie.  Of course, it would also mean they are attractive to vegetarians and vegans alike.

I prefer to drink my smoothies at breakfast time, my son would have had a smoothie at any old time of day, but wound up using them as an after-school snack, which is something of which I approved wholeheartedly.  Seemed to me to be a great improvement on a packet of crisps.  Hubby, unfortunately, couldn’t cope with the sharpness and after a magnificent bout of face pulling, opted out of this taste testing.  So, from that, I’d say it’s probably best to just try one and see what you think!

By far and away the favourite of the bunch, for me, was the Blackcurrant and Apple.  I was intrigued to note the inclusion of Black Carrot juice and felt it would have been good to have included a black carrot in the fruit that was grouped together for the packaging pictures (which seemed a little bit dull, to me).  After all, there can’t be that many things that include Black carrot juice!

Son’s favourite was the Orange and Mango version (which isn’t surprising, considering the other version was a Pineapple and Passionfruit one – and we’ve already discovered he’s not that keen on Passionfruit!).  In truth, I’d have been as happy with one as with the other, as you could almost feel them doing you good as they went down.

At £1.79 per bottle, they aren’t the cheapest things in the world – especially when you’re counting the pennies.  However, if you have problems getting fruit into your children, or don’t enjoy chomping your way through several items of fruit in a day, then these little lovelies are your answer.  Of course, if money is no object, then I’d have one with breakfast every day, as I think they are a great way to wake up your tastebuds!


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