19 February 2011

South African Nectarines & Plums

I was recently sent a little box of South African fruit - three different types of plums and two different types of nectarines, to sample.

The gift box is beautifully presented (including a lovely green apron) and almost upstages the lovely fruit.  To receive the  box as a gift would be a lot of fun and I'm still wondering what the box could be used for as it is waaaay too nice to throw away!

As ever, the fruit is just gorgeous and you can taste the sunshine that made it.  Of course, it's also good for you being high in fibre and an excellent source of vitamins C and A.  There's a study available online regarding the health benefits of eating fruit & vegetables high in antioxidants such as you find in these fruits.  I have to admit that I'm all for reducing air miles for food, so I'm a bit betwixt and between where my opinion of the fruit is concerned for that reason, but there's no doubt that it is beautiful.  It made a lovely bright, fresh breakfast with an orange & banana added, plus a spoonful of natural yoghurt.  I could almost have been on that beach.  If you need inspiration on recipes that use these ingredients, Sophie Michell has prepared some lovely ideas available from http://www.beautifulcountrybeautifulfruit.co.uk/.

Ideas for use, gratefully accepted!



  1. Lovely packaging! I am a sucker for things like that.

    Fruit looks good too - I'm not a big fruit eater but I am fond of things like peaches, plums, apricots etc

  2. The box is really really sturdy, too. It's currently sitting on the kitchen worktop while I think of what use I can put it to. Top of the list at the moment (and the list isn't terribly long, I have to tell you), is putting all my little treasures into it. Which would very definitely clear out some space in my bedside cabinet! LOL

    I love all types of fruit and probably eat between 2-6 portions of fruit a day. I've been pondering on these gorgeous nectarines and am currently thinking I'll do an upside down sponge with caramelised nectarines done in Amaretto, for dessert today. Gosh, that sounds good when written down! LOL

  3. That sounds VERY good! Ooh get you.

  4. Thank god you posted - I'd forgotten all about dessert, having suddenly remembered I'm supposed to be doing Potato Dauphinoise for the first time today. LOL

  5. The results of the pondering over the dessert are blogged here : http://jennyeatwellsrhubarbginger.blogspot.com/2011/02/caramelised-plum-nectarine-sponge-with.html


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