23 January 2011

Boxing Day dinner blog post fail

I have just spent some 2 hours or more writing a HUGE blog post regarding our Boxing Day dinner, which Blogger has just lost.

I don't have the time, or inclination, to write it all again.  Serves me right for not doing it in draft elsewhere, I guess.

~hangs head in defeat~


  1. Go stand in the corner of the room Jenny.....!
    Oh! no, poor you, you must be climbing the walls, l would be...
    I do remember though replying to a Blog, and it was yours, at some length, as l'm not that quick on the keyboard, and at the end, where you had to put in the symbols, l forgot to and lost the lot. Jolly gosh, what a silly thing to do, and all those, 'clean' sayings, came to mind.
    So, downstairs l went, made a cup of lemon tea, and did it again. :0).Grrrrr!
    Anyway, tomorrow, hopefully, Ally, who did my Blog a couple of years ago, is going to tart it up a bit for me, and change a few things. I dare'nt touch it, l'd push the wrong button, and delete the lot. :)
    Besides, l've a new touch phone, and that's kept me busy this weekend...!
    And, the pheasants......God.....I've done 14 brace over three days, not to mention the ducks,(l said, don't mention the ducks). Only another week left, and that'll be that.
    Still, nicely stocked up now, the 'Road Kill' freezer is quite full.
    Well, must get on then.....Never mind Jenny, we've plenty more to read on your lovely Blog...!
    Give a Man a Fish,And He Will Live For a Day,
    Teach a Man To Fish, And He Will Live Forever..!

  2. It's just beyond frustrating when that happens. I'd spent days writing it, too. I'd grab a moment when I could to add to it, determined to get it all published. Hey ho, I reckon I should have just given up. It'd have been easier in the long run!

    Your fingers must be as sore as anything from all those feathers, or are they seasoned? LOL I'll have to go and have a look at this new updated blog of yours. I'll bet it's still pink. *grin*

  3. Oh love! You poor thing! But very glad you didn't delete the entire site in anger!

    Brings back memories of Yahoo! 360...

  4. Believe me, it was a close run thing!


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