19 October 2010

The Perfect Loaf

Hubby has been on the trail of The Perfect Loaf, ever since we got our new Kenwood Chef.

So, I would like to unveil .....

ta-daaaaaa!!  The (currently) "Perfect Loaf".   Isn't it a beauty?

For us, the perfect loaf needs to be light crusted, as heavy crusts can often result in rock-hard toast.  Isn't this one just the most perfect golden colour?

The "crumb" (or for us newbies to bread - the white, inside bit) should be springy - but without being chewy, soft-textured - but without being too doughy, moist but not too moist - as we want it to double up as brilliant toast.

This loaf (of which he is keeping the recipe quite firmly under his hat) fits all those criteria and is, quite simply, the Perfect Loaf.

For now.  LOL


  1. So Jenny, young lady! What sadistic mindtwisitng motivation led you to post a teaser on Facebook; then a picture of a reasonably good loaf, and then wait to the end to say "It's a secret"? Be glad you moved out of my area!!

  2. Che Bellezza......Fantastico.......!
    If this loaf was a lady, l'd ask her out for a meal, crust and all. I'd spread her ALL over with
    butter and...............Nuff Said..!
    Well done hubby.....!
    Three cheers for the Kenwood.. :0)

  3. Oooh, that loaf looks soooo yummy Jenny

  4. To be fair to Jenny, she wanted to post the recipe. But it's actually me that said not yet. I want to test the recipe a couple more times to make sure it gives a consistant result and then I'll pony up :-)

    Keep checking back as I'm baking a loaf a day at the moment, which means I should have the perfected recipe ready by the end of the week!

  5. In the meantime, you might want to give my Bagel recipe a go. The recipe can be found here http://jennyeatwellsrhubarbginger.blogspot.com/2010/09/new-flavoured-bagels.html

    They are as easy as they are impressive, and I can tell you, they are mightily impressive!!

  6. Oh Ian! ~simpers wildly~ It's been a very long time since anyone referred to me as "young lady". LOL Oh, and what do you mean, "a reasonably good loaf"? Can you not read that this is, in fact, the PERFECT loaf?? Hmmn? Hmmmn? ~frowns in displeasure~ LOL

    Good Lord, now we've got Willie coming over all unnecessary, as well. Who'd have thought it, with a simple loaf of bread. *chuckle*

    Noreen, it is yummy - and what's so nice about it is that if you leave it for a few hours after it comes out of the oven, the crust softens. This makes it so much easier to cut, and perfect for sandwiches too!

    Thankyou for that, ChilliBob. :) I'll let you deal with Ian in future, I think. *chuckle*


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