29 September 2010

DIY Big Tom tomato juice

Now you know me - or you should do by now - in that if there's something in my fridge that's leftover, or superfluous to requirements, I'm going to try to think of a way of including it in a meal.  I just can't bear to throw stuff away, you see.

Hence, three quarters of a carton of tomato Passata had been forlornly looking back at me, every time I opened the fridge door, as it was without a home to go to.  Poor thing, this just couldn't last. 

So I got to thinking.

We're not doing any tomato-based meals for the forseeable future.  Nor will it go with any breakfast items planned.  However, it IS just tomatoes, sieved.

Hmmmn .... so it's just (basically) thick tomato juice.

Now we like tomato juice, so maybe if I watered it down a bit with some chilled fizzy mineral water ... but it needs something more than that to make it into a nice drink.

Hmmm, oh I know - what about Worcestershire Sauce and a grind or two of freshly ground black pepper?  Oooh, yes, now we're talking!

Hmmn, it might get to be a little bit like Big Tom tomato juice then ... but it needs a hot kick.  AHA!  Ancona Chilli Sauce.  ~rubs hands together with glee~  Oooh, now that's going to be NICE!

So, off to the kitchen I went.  Cue opening of bottles, the fizz of the mineral water, the chinking of teaspoons against glass, pause to taste.

O. M. G.  That is truly yummy!

Now I have to say that this is really a work in progress, as it's not finished yet.  I need to get hold of some celery salt and then try it - but it's darned good even in its current incarnation!

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