22 September 2010

Baked Figs

One of the many delights that this time of year affords, is that of the ripe fig.

I find them such tactile little creatures, so velvety soft and almost warm to the touch.  They look so robust, yet you know that you have to treat them gently or they will instantly submit to heavy handling and spill their juicy contents all over whatever happens to be nearest (and usually, that is something that could well do without the addition of fig juice).

Upon hearing the word on the grapevine which said that Lidl were selling them at an extraordinarily reasonable price, we came home from Asda on a route calculated to take us past the doorstep of our local Lidl without adding any further miles per gallon.  Cunning, eh?

Here they are, the six gorgeous plump little people.  Excuse the camera shake, it's just that I was so excited ....

Don't you just love their little paper cups?

I found a recipe online for baked figs which gave me an idea of what temperature and for how long, and winged it thereafter.  I can recommend the results, ooooh yes.


Ingredients :

4-6 fresh figs
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground allspice
several teaspoons of runny honey (to taste, basically)
juice of half a lemon.

Method :

1.  Remove the stalks from the figs, using a sharp knife.  Then, cut them almost in half, then into quarters, but don't cut all the way through so that they still retain their shape and place into a baking dish.  I foil lined my dish, to make washing up easier!

Looking glamorous, ready to go in the oven

2.  Give them a squeeze from the bottom, forcing the seeds up so that they open rather like a flower.

3.  Sprinkle over the cinnamon and allspice, then trickle over the honey and lemon juice.

4.  Cook in a pre-heated oven at 220deg C for 20 mins.

5.  If required to wait, take the four corners of the foil lining to the baking dish and gather them loosely above the heads of the figs, retaining some warmth but allowing the steam to escape.  That way, they won't dry out and will be as luscious as when you removed them from the oven.

Serve with lashings of double cream.  Again, sorry for camera shake - anticipation got the better of me.


  1. Oh! Wow....Figs and Bagels at the same time.....
    Yes, l mentioned earlier, bought some figs last Sat, from a Fruit & Veg man, in Poole, just by the level-crossing, Dolphin Centre. 3 for a £1. Yet, in the square in Wimborne, they were 69p each.
    AND, Bagels, yet again...mmmM! Jenny, l think you should do a Bagel 'Open' day at the hotel!
    Ask your hubby if he's up for it....! :-)
    Now, serious for a Mo.....!
    I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, after all, each to his own, and, me, l like to see the funny side of things. Must get this off me chest......!
    I really don't understand this, planning a menu,
    for the home...I can CAN undestand it in Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs...BUT at home...mmmmM!
    At home here, there was only, for 14yrs, me and my daughter, l raised her on my own, very unusual for a Dad to gain custody, back in the early 80's. Now, there is only me. Ah!....
    When l used to collect her from school, and get home, l used to say, "What shall we have for tea"
    we took it from there. "Whatever's dead in the fridge" l used to say.... :0) Laugh...!
    We ate what we wanted to, at that time, on that day. The following day would be different, and unknown, untill the day came.
    Food should be fun....Prepare'in it, Serve'in it,
    AND, Eat'in it...For me that's what it's ALL about.....Love It.....!
    There's already, loads of things we have to conform to in life.....
    Go'in to school, (Mine was approved). Drive'in on the left (I Think). Pay'in our bills, pay'in our taxes, (So l Heard). and so on......
    But, l can not imagine, sitt'in down, and plann'in say, next Thursday's meal. (Funny are'nt l). All together now......YES......lol x.
    Hope no-one takes offence, my English language isn't to good, took me 5 attempts to get English at 'O' level. So, l tend to write as if l'm talk'in to you...Badly. Unlike you Jenny, l find fascinating to read and very enjoyable...Lovely.
    So there, hope l'm still welcome on your Blog...(Who said NO!). I am very much, 'Mano a Mano, Faccia a Faccia' Tell it like it is, but, all in good fun....Thankyou.
    Must tell you....had 26 cards for my birthday, if you'd like to see the best one of all, from Noreen, one of your followers, go to...
    AND....To-Night on Channel 4. New series of River Cottage, AT 8:00. Squirrel Stew...Think of me......Lovely.....Ciao....! :)x

  2. Willie : 26 cards! Well done you. :) I saw Noreen's card, it's lovely - and so thoughtfully made.

    Now, as regards menu planning. I suspect that, no matter how much I sing the praises of menu planning, you would still be unable to see the point in it - from your perspective. This is because that type of activity isn't for you. You are obviously the type of person who can make something out of nothing (and all credit to you for that!) and your daughter doesn't have food hangups that restrict your cooking. I can remember living like that - before I was married and had my son. I was working full time at Hampton Court Palace, plus taking care of two horses both morning and evening, plus walking two dogs morning and evening. I only had myself to please and shopping for me wasn't in the slightest bit difficult because I bought what I wanted. However, things change and oh boy, has my life changed from then! I wouldn't have missed this phase of life for the world though. :D

  3. Thank you so much for your recipe on baked figs, which I really want to try. I have bought the figs and then became nervous about what to do with them, but had to have them when I bought them.

  4. Jenny...now this looks easy enough and ever so tasty...and good for me...can it be..something that taste good and is good for me..?
    i will try them and let you know...
    hugs ~ maria

  5. Webmarketingnow : that's a long name to call you! LOL I completely understand about the "I have to have them, even though I don't know what to do with them" thing - that happens to me a lot! LOL You'll have to let me know what you thought of them!

    Maria : well, I suppose if you don't add TOO much honey, it's good for you! LOL Better to go easy and have just the one fig if you've not eaten them before, as they are very good at sending folks running to the loo! *grin* I know, I ruined a Christmas when I was a child through over-indulgence on figs. LOL


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