27 September 2012

Rhubarb & Ginger on Radio 2? Whatever next!

There is the slightest possibility that Jenny Eatwell's Rhubarb & Ginger might get a mention on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show (which Zoe Ball is hosting at the moment) tomorrow morning!


I was listening to the radio this morning, while hubby was rambling around Sainsbury's looking for a tin of red kidney beans to go in tonight's dinner, when she started telling her listeners that Jamie Oliver was going to be on the show tomorrow morning (28th September 2012).

She suggested to listeners that they might like to send in photographs of their dinner - Jamie Oliver inspired dinners particularly - and they would put them up on their Facebook page.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I immediately thought of the Jamie's Minced Beef Wellington that I'd made for dinner the week before last.  It is blogged here on Rhubarb & Ginger (see link above), but I haven't got around to posting up the new and improved recipe for it yet - but I will!

So as soon as we got home, I sent the photograph of it off to Zoe - and received a lovely note back, giving the link to the Facebook page and inviting me to put the link to Rhubarb & Ginger on there too.

The photograph album for the feature can be found here.  You never know - we might get a mention!


  1. Fantastic news! Much deserved, fingers x'd for you.

  2. That's a rare opportunity. You guys deserved it. I'm excited for you. :)
    House Extension Perth

  3. Thanks everyone! Well, it was around 5 seconds, during which my name but not the Blog name was mentioned and he was quite rude about the picture! It went something along the lines of :

    Zoe : Then there's your Minced Beef Wellington, from Jenny Davies ..
    Jamie : Wow! That's really close up! Hmmn, yes, well, that could be anything really ... ..
    Zoe : Don't say it!
    Jamie : No, right.

    *sigh* Is it wrong for me to feel disappointed by that?

  4. Not at all, is a bit rude really :( getting a food photo to look like the food is notoriously difficult, though is easier if you have a big budget for photographers and stylists like mr Oliver?


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