26 June 2012

Apologies for being random!

Yes, I must apologise for being very random at the moment.

You see, my Dad is on the verge (tomorrow, it seems) of being admitted to hospital for heart surgery and it's throwing us all into disarray.  He should have gone in on Monday, but they didn't have a bed available, nor one today.  So, we're crossing our fingers for tomorrow and are playing each day by ear at the moment.

As a consequence, there's not much new cooking going on.  However, we are breaking out lots of good family favourites - Cottage Pie, Pork Ragu, Tuna Pasta Bake and Kedgeree seem to feature on the beginning of this week's menu plan!

Hopefully, once Dad is safely in hospital, had his operation and into recovery, things will quieten down a wee bit and normal blogging can be resumed.  There's lots of good things coming up - more mediterranean recipes, hopefully one for Chocolate Cherry Pots and maybe even a Chicken Chasseur will be amongst them!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Don't worry about the cooking - we will all still be here when you get back in the kitchen! Hope all goes well.


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