23 February 2012

How we did the Tequila Cocktail pictures :)

Well, we got into a right old pickle, to begin with.  We had Mexican pattern shirts, sunglasses, towels and sun cream flying around the living room, trying in vain to create a "holiday" feel.

Then, rather disconsolately, we went for a "classic" feel with just a polished wood background - which although classy, didn't say "fun" in the least.

Then hubby had a flash of inspiration and reached for his laptop - but the screen was too small to include the drinks glasses.  We were just about to abandon that idea, when I remembered that the laptop could be plugged into the t.v.

So this is how we did it :

The camera was balanced on top of a pile of C.D.'s, which was in turn on a pile of Playstation games, which was in turn on top of hubby's laptop table.

The drinks were sat on my occasional table - which has an adjustable height - in front of the t.v.

Brilliant.  :)

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