18 February 2012

Cheese Scones - too, too much like lovely

Ever since I first made some Bacon & Cheese Muffins (which I note was before the blog started - so I will now have to make them again!) both hubby and son & heir have been asking for me for them.  The trouble is, though, that we've very rarely enough bacon as "left overs" to make them with - and bacon is just too expensive to buy for a cause that doesn't comprise part of a meal.

So they continue to wait.

Then, we saw someone (I forget who) making Cheese Scones on t.v. and we all began hankering after some.

So I bought some from the local supermarket, only to find that they were a normal sweet scone - with some cheese on the top!  Hideous!  (Although we did eat them all - well, waste not, want not and all that).

There was only one thing for it - to get hubby's premier scone making skills into the kitchen.

*happy sigh*

These were the result.

Such rich, golden, cheesy, savoury, puffy clouds of loveliness.  It's only a shame that they all went - and faster than you could say "cheese s'gone!".  (Sorry, but the joke had to appear somewhere!).

This is, in fact, the same recipe as I have already blogged - so refer to this link if you're after the recipe.


  1. Mmmm, delicious, a real winter treat for us - cheese scones on a Sunday evening, especially after a good walk in the cold air

  2. I've had that problem with supermarket cheese scones too! What idiot is just shoving a bit of cheese on top of sweet scones?? Fools!

    I can almost smell the scones in your pictures. I've not had cheese scones for ages, and now I'm craving them like a loon. For some reason my brain is linking them with happy childhood feelings, but I've no idea why!

  3. Well, I can't do the "walk in the cold air" Noreen (not any more), but I certainly can appreciate a cheese scone on a cold day. They're especially nice with a cup of coffee, I think!

    Jane - it's infuriating, isn't it! I wrote to the supermarket concerned and complained and they promised to sort out the situation. I've not tried more since (because home made are just so much nicer), but I can see I'll have to - just to see if they've been as good as their word!


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