22 December 2011

Celebrating the last day of term with Son & heir's favourite food

The last day of term couldn't come quickly enough, for son & heir.  He's done extremely well at this school and had been working hard all term time.  He'd managed to rack up enough House Points to qualify for a Silver Star - which is one up on the Bronze Star he'd won in the previous term!

We chose this school purely because of its concentration on the Arts & Media - knowing how keen son & heir is on his music.  He's also a very great mathematician, which seems to follow, as there's something mysteriously mathematical about music (or so I'm told).

Son & heir's bedroom - yup, I think he's serious about the guitar.

He's graduated to playing the guitar in a big way having been at this school - which is fabulous so far as we're concerned.  We really don't mind what he does, so long as he's happy doing it and sticks to doing it with some dedication.  Well, looking at the number of guitars he now had adorning his bedroom (not to mention the amps and cabling that goes with them), I'd say he's taking it seriously.

As such, once the end of term hove into view, we thought it would be nice to celebrate a good job jobbed by having his favourite food on the night.

Now anyone who has ever had anything to do with teenagers (and we all were one, right?) can attest to the fact that finding a "favourite" food - that is, putting your finger on just the one thing - is a tricky business.  Aside from pizza, that is.  ~rolls eyes~

Following on from some intense negotiating between hubby and I (you see, we wanted it to be a surprise for him), we settled on Spicy Chicken Wraps, followed by Fruity Lemon Tart.

Redcurrants and lemons - match made in face-puckering sourness, but oh so good!

We've had many incarnations of chicken wraps, over the months, and there appears to be two that are his particular favourites.  Firstly, it's the "Spicy Chicken pieces from Asda, baked, cut into slices and put into a wrap with sour cream and salsa" approach, and secondly its the "Coronation chicken - but make sure no Iceberg lettuce gets involved" approach.

Because the Coronation chicken option demands the use of leftover roast chicken that we hadn't planned for, we opted for the first version.  Again, this is a "make sure no Iceberg lettuce gets involved" sort of wrap, so we settled for some salad on the side - and left his plate gratifyingly (from his point of view) empty of all things green.

Somehow or another, a couple of Hash Browns managed to creep onto the plate.  I'm not sure how that happened - they must've mugged hubby at gunpoint and demanded to be cooked and included.

Son & heir was one happy teenager, that evening.  We had (purely by fluke), apparently hit upon his very favourite form of Chicken Wrap, so hallelujia to that!

Dessert was a complete and utter outrageous cheat.

Simply take a frozen Asda lemon tart (which are - unusually for Asda - extremely moreish) and throw a heap of some soft fruit or another on top.  In this case, we went for redcurrants and sprinkled them with icing sugar, just to control the mouth-puckering tartness.  Dear God, but it was gorgeous.

I know I'm supposed to cook the lemon tart from scratch, (not to mention the chicken pieces), but would son & heir appreciate all the effort that involved?  Somehow I doubt it - not when he's already got the flavours he loves, right there in a box from the supermarket!

One day I'll make the lemon tart - when it doesn't matter - then we'll see whose is best. 

Edited the following day, to say : guess what arrived in my email this morning, but a recipe for Greg Wallace's Tart au Citron!  Now I've no excuse!  LOL


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