23 October 2011

Cheese, onion & potato pie

There is an outside chance that he may have been winding me up when he said "I love Cheese & Potato Pie".

Because, when I made him a Cheese, Onion & Potato Pie, he hated it.

True, it did take longer (faaar longer) than it was supposed to, to cook - which made dinner terribly terribly late.

True, it did amount to FOUR layers of potato, which was an awful lot of potato.

True, the potato was in layers of slices, rather than in cubes.  ~shrug~  (Does it matter?  Apparently, yes).

True, the creme fraiche included in the recipe turned to watery milk that required, tantalisingly, the pie to sit and rest for 15 minutes after coming out of the oven.

And finally, it is true that it wasn't a "classical" cheese, onion & potato pie.

But I liked it!  Shame I'm not better at accepting large quantities of onion in things, otherwise I'd have been able to eat the leftovers.  *sigh*

Son & heir's opinion of it was "it's weird.  Not bad, but weird".  Riiigghhht.

Won't be doing this one again - but if you fancy a jolly nice Cheese, onion & potato pie and have 2hrs in which to cook it (don't believe their estimate of 1.5hrs), never mind the time required to make it, you'll find the recipe on the BBC Good Food website, here.

I'll just be off to boil my head.



  1. OH what a shame as I think that cheese and onion potato pie looks DIVINE and I would love it for lunch, I adore cheesy pies and that looks amazing!

  2. we always learn from our mistakes, shame it took so long but it looks perfect!

  3. Karen : Apart from the slight tummy-ache it gave me (which was entirely because of my sensitivity to onion - and there are two types in this pie), I really liked it. The creme fraiche made the filling lovely and creamy - kind of like a cheesy dauphinoise but without the garlic.

    Flyon_littlewing : I think it WAS perfect, once we'd given it an extra 30 mins in the oven!

  4. My mum use to make cheese and potato pie, but hers was made like this.

    Mashed potato, grated cheese and fried onions all mixed together. Placed into a baking dish, with more cheese added onto and baked in the oven.

    Might need to make that now ;p

  5. This was categorically *not* a cheese and potato pie. Even the name suggests that there should be at least an equal billing given to the cheese but no, this was a potato pie with a cheese (ish) flavoured sauce running around the potato.

    Ahh well, I suppose for those lacking my near pathological hatred of potato(*), this could be an enjoyable dish.

    * I've just been presented with far too many of the damn things in my time.....I'd be most happy if someone would just bag them all up and fire them off into deep space!

  6. This sounds lovely and really tasty. Thank you for sharing this.



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