13 August 2011

This week's meal plan .. has changed .. and again .. and again ..

I know it's Saturday and it's hardly worth publishing a blog post regarding the meal plan for this week, when you consider that we've only got three days left of it!  However, I thought it'd be fun to demonstrate just how flexible you can make a meal plan, for those who say "I could never meal plan, we change our minds too often".  Well, welcome to the meal plan for those who can't make their mind up.  (Like us, at the moment!).

So, Tuesday started as being a Chicken Curry.  Then, because Son & heir was going to be coming back from a few days' away visiting his cousin and we couldn't be sure when he'd get back, it changed to Pizza.

We'll get to you - eventually!
Wednesday inherited the Chicken Curry, right up until my parents spent a thirty five minutes on the phone to me, thus using up the majority of the time I had in which to cook it.  So, we had fish and chips.

Thursday was Thai Meatball Curry - which turned out to be heaps better than the first time Hubby tried it, so it has gained a foothold on our "regulars" menu.  I'll have to ask hubby for the recipe now that he's refined it a bit, so that we can share it with you all.

Friday was originally going to be Corn & Bacon Pasta Bake, but then I had the Chicken Curry looking for a day to appear on, so the Pasta bake got bumped in favour of the Chicken Curry.  That is, until we realised that Son & heir would be out at a friend's house for dinner that night.  So the Chicken Curry got bumped until next week, in favour of the world's biggest and loveliest bacon sandwiches.

See this bacon sandwich? Well our were far, far better than this.
Regrettably, we didn't catch a photograph of these sandwiches.  They consisted of : white bloomer bread, cut thickly.  One half of which had cheddar cheese melted on to it.  Next came our butcher's lovely, lovely bacon.  Huge pink rashers of gorgeous back bacon that doesn't shrink, doesn't leak fat everywhere and tastes fantastic.  Next - and this is the piece de resistance of this particular sandwich, in my opinion, came a Portobello mushroom which had been baked in the oven with a little olive oil.  Top that with another slice of Bloomer bread and tuck in.  Flipping gorgeous - and it left us both feeling as full as if we'd just eaten a plate of dinner, never mind a sandwich!

Baked boats of golden loveliness.
Saturday has always been the day for Crunchy Baked Pork with Baked Sweet Potatoes and tomato salad.  Amazingly, that is still what's on the menu for tonight!  I'm crossing my fingers that it will turn out to be really tasty (it's another new recipe) and I'll be able to share it with you all.

Sunday is the spot where the Corn & Bacon Pasta Bake landed.  I had intended to be making a chicken & sweetcorn pie, but until I'm feeling a little bit better, I think I'll probably err on the side of wisdom and leave it for a while.

This particular pasta bake is my own creation - never made before.  So we'll have to wait and see whether it is a winner or not!  I've talked through the proposed recipe with Hubby and he feels it's worth a go, so keep your fingers crossed for Sunday!

Monday is another day where the intended meal has stayed put, but if you consider that it's only fish in batter with potato croquettes and peas, you'll probably understand why.

Poor old Chicken Curry!  It really was the casualty of this week's menu plan, but considering we've got everything either in the cupboard or freezer for it (except the fresh coriander), I'm sure it will make a bid for freedom in next week's meal plan.

Doesn't it just demonstrate how our meal plans are based around Son & heir, though?  When you take him out of the equation, our immediate response is to jettison what we were due to have and conjur up something fabulous (to us) that we know he would have hated and so wouldn't have appeared on the menu list.  Roll on the days when he's grown out of his teenage faddiness and we can eat a wide selection of foods again!


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