10 August 2011

See those Runner Beans, there?

They are our runner beans, they are.


Well, I should really say that they are hubby's runner beans - as he slaved over a hot shovel in order to get them planted, gave them a climbing frame to romp over and legged it out into the garden to stop the blackbirds trying to pull them back up again!

Forgive my excitement and pride, it’s just that we’ve never grown vegetables before and everything hubby planted is something of an experiment to see whether it will come to anything.

To begin with, we realised that the runner beans had real, honest-to-goodness lovely green beans on them!  I know, I shouldn’t really be surprised, but what a result when we honestly had doubts that anything would do even remotely what it was supposed to.

We ate them with our shop-bought pie on Sunday.  For me, the pie paled into insignificance beside their lovely freshness, greenness and beautiful sweetness.

To think, they were growing on the bean vine just an hour before we ate them.

~happy sigh~



  1. OK.try this again..you picked killed and ate them..LOL Did hubby put all the left over food and greens in the trench over winter...We bought some from sainsburys and they were stringy and spoilt the meal..you cut your runners different than us ,we cut long ways ..But you cant beat home grown..and if you got children it gives them a start in life by helping and learning ..as in cooking ..i like checking your site out ..*grin*

  2. Hiya Jed!

    Yes, you're right, hubby definitely did a bit of hunter-gathering where the runner beans were concerned. LOL As for compost in the trench - what compost? We've only just started this gardening malarky, so haven't had time to develop a nice line in compost yet.

    I'm glad you like it here - I like finding your footprints here, too! :)

  3. We are lucky to be able to swap eggs for beans from one neighbour and plums from another :-)

  4. Oh and your hens' eggs are super quality, too! Gosh, I'd love to have a plum tree in the garden (amongst others), but I'd need a bigger garden. I wonder if you could grow fruit trees on an allotment, instead of vegetables? You could have your own mini orchard!


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