21 July 2011

Still cooking!

I'm so sorry for the hiccup in proceedings here, it's just that I had a bit of a relapse and so have been staying off of the computer.

Today is the first day that I can say I am feeling a little better, so fingers crossed - and carpal tunnel syndrome allowing - I shall be back at the computer tomorrow.

Have you all missed me?  (Please say yes! lol).



  1. YES....Yes....Yes....! :(.
    Gett'in really worried....
    Was think'in of putt'in out an APB...
    Had to make do with Rick Stein last night....! :).

    Glad yer o.k. though...Onwards and Upwards....! :)

    And...Don't keep worry'in about those Gnocci...:) LOL.

  2. Of course you were missed! But you were here in spirit...particularly when I did a gnocchi bake this week inspired by a recent post of yours.


  3. Aww Suzy, you're sweet! :) I'm a whole heap better than I was, that's for sure. Now all I've got to do is keep getting better! lol

  4. P.S. You'll know when I'm better, because the recipes will become more complicated! lol

  5. Hope you feel better soon xx

  6. Thank you, Anne! I'm feeling lots better already. :)


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