30 July 2011

Happy birthday breakfast!

You know it's your birthday, when this shows up for breakfast.  :)

Gorgeous, just doesn't describe it.  Oh, and yes, it DID wake me up!  lol


  1. Oh! Jenny, is it your birthday to-day....?
    Oh! You did'nt say.....I tell everyone mine...
    Two dates l always look forward to...25th Dec. (My Dads Birth, though his proper name is Jesus).
    And...Mine 21/9/47. Ha! lol.

    Anyway....A very, very happy Gnocchi to you to-day then....Have Fun....AND....Not to much Vino Calapso now....! :0).

    Lovey sweet to wake up to....Though, l think l'd prefer to wake up to Sophia Loren....
    Goodness...And, this is supposed to be a food Blog....! :).

  2. What do you mean, "I didn't say". LOL I made reference to it all over the flipping place! LOL
    *big giggles*

    I'm having a lovely day, thanks!


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