21 June 2011

So Jenny - what's the plan for this week, then? 21-27 June 11

That, is a very good question.  After last week, it could be anything at any time, it seems to me!  We did a spectacularly good job of swapping meals around and exchanging them for other incarnations of the same basic ingredient.

So I'm crossing my fingers that this week stays a bit more settled!

For starters, it's unusual that I'm in a position to write the meal plan post on the day it kicks off!  I blame the Strawberry Stacks, they were so gorgeous I just couldn't not blog about them - so then the Beef stew needed blogging - and so here we are.

In actual fact, we've just returned from doing the food shop at the supermarket and everything came to much less than I was fearing it would, cost-wise.  I had an enormous shopping list going in there, so either we've shopped very well or the prices aren't as bad as I thought they would be!  Fresh salmon was a bit of an eye-opener, as from the fish counter it was £7 a kilo, whereas pre-packed it was £14 - yes, FOURTEEN! - a kilo.  The wet fish counter didn't even have it on special offer, either.  It just proves how it's worth looking at all the options before buying!

So anyway - to business.  This week (she says, whilst emerging from a shed and adopting a West Country accent - and if you haven't seen that T.V. Programme, just ignore that bit) we shall mostly be having :

Tuesday : Warm Salmon Salad with Little Gem, Asparagus, Avocado and Jersey Royals
Wednesday : Onion tart, salad and Jersey Royals
Thursday : Meatballs and Pasta
Friday : Kedgeree
Saturday : Red Dragon Beef Pie with steamed Pak Choi & carrots
Sunday : Shepherd's Pie with carrots, broccoli and peas
Monday : Prawn & Pea risotto.

There now.  That all sounds just lovely, doesn't it?

Today's salmon salad started out life in my head as one of the BBC Good Food recipes for a warm potato & tuna salad with pesto dressing.  It required some fine tuning, in that almost everything on the ingredients list someone had something they objected to.  So, I swapped Salmon for the tuna (Son & heir doesn't like tuna), swapped green beans for asparagus (hubby doesn't like green beans, we all love asparagus) and swapped baby spinach for little gem lettuce (Son & heir doesn't like baby spinach used as a salad leaf).  Truth be told, it doesn't resemble the original recipe in the slightest any more.  The only resemblance is in the structure of the salad and the pesto dressing!

I've bought some garlic & herb tear'n'share bread to have with it, as although hubby likes Jersey Royals they are still potatoes and he won't cope with too  many of them on the plate.  Son & heir will be disgusted by the fact that it's a salad and the bread is to make the whole thing seem worthwhile to him.  I know, I'm a pushover.

I'm also planning on making some muffins today, as the ones I made for Son & heir's break time snacks have all disappeared now.  It's an intriguing recipe, being a Camembert and Redcurrant muffin.  Should be absolutely gorgeous, but I'll let you know!

I'm looking forward to making tomorrow's dinner, the Onion tart.  I was always terribly allergic to onions to the point where I couldn't eat them at all - not even cooked away to nothing in a stew.  My system would still know they were there, with the ensuing consequences - the worst being that I'd spend some time calling to God on the great white telephone.  Which is what makes it all the more remarkable that, having been pregnant, I can now eat onions again.  ~shrug~  Don't ask me how it happened, but I can now risk a cheese & red onion sandwich, which was such a no-no in the past!  Hence, to make an entire tart dedicated to my nemesis of old is something of an triumph.

Thursday is hubby's day to cook and he's going down the sausage meatball route again, except in a rather more classic sauce this time.  Meatballs and pasta has always been one of Son & heir's favourite dinners, so it should be a trouble-free meal time.

Son & heir is bringing one of his friends, J, home from school for a sleepover on Friday.  I recalled when J was here last (when we had the Shoulder of Pork) that he commented on how much he enjoyed fish.  Everyone here loves my Kedgeree, so I thought that would be a nice thing to make for J.  It has the added benefit of being incredibly easy to produce, too!

I'm aiming to make a rhubarb & ginger upside down cake for dessert (just a little one - 4 slices big) that day, too.

Saturday brings the return of the Red Dragon beef pie, now that I'm fully armed with the Aduki beans!  All I've got to do is remember to put the blinking things on to soak on Friday evening!  lol  @MartinK10 - if you're reading this and you're around on Friday evening, send me a twitter to remind me!  *chuckle*

Hubby's volunteered to cook again on Sunday and he's doing one of his gorgeous Shepherd's Pies.  It really IS a Shepherd's Pie, as it will be made with lamb mince.  Oooh, I can hardly wait, as Shepherd's Pie is one of my very favourite meals.

I'll be aiming to make a Gooseberry & Almond Cake on Sunday morning, so long as I get time!  I'm intrigued by how the gooseberries sink from the top of the cake while it's cooking, and have to see it in action.

All of which brings us around to Monday again, when hubby is promising us a prawn & pea risotto.  Being the Risotto King, I just know this is going to be a success - to the point where I can almost taste it if I think about it for long enough.

So there we are!  Sounds like a bit of a busy week, one way and another.  I reckon I'd better get on with those Camembert & Redcurrant muffins, because they won't cook themselves!



  1. Goodness....Is that the price of salmon....!
    Would'nt know, never buy fish, besides befriending gamekeepers, l also have a few fisherman friends. I have a big salmon lined up for my Barby in August. Always the center piece on the buffet table, de-boned, and filled with an assortment of sea fish in a mayo/sea food sauce, baked in tin foil for 30mins. Then decorated with prawns, mussels, cockles, welks etc. Looks quite a picture when finished, with, salad surround, toms, lemons, limes.......!
    Always the first to go....Followed closely by the Pasta Inforno...! :).
    And, yes, Jenny, let us know how the Camembert & Redcurrant Muffins turn out, they sound interesting......Love Camembert, l know it's French.....But don't tell the family.....! :).

  2. LOL @ "Don't tell the family". What's it worth, then Willie? lol

    Goodness, your salmon sounds like it should have a fanfare prior to being placed on the table, I don't know about anything else! Sounds absolutely gorgeous. :)

  3. Fanfare.....Yes....Always have the band of the Coldstream Guards there...! :). LOL.
    Strangely enough, just done the invites, to-day.
    Cut down this year, only 52. And, l still get people moan, 'Were's my invite'. Always say the same thing, 'You have to wait for someone to die'. Really....LOL.
    But, yes, it's a great event, people arrange their holidays around it, so they don't miss out.
    This one will be the 31st. Started out, with about a dozen, and it's gone on from there.
    And.....In the beginning, what with all the game, even used to do badger hams. Bit risky now.....And, when there never used to be a bank holiday Monday. I used to do champagne breakfast, from 9. Buffet lunch up at the Farquhason, Pimperne. Back home at 2. Fire up the Barby at 4. And, away we goooooooo! :0). Right the way through, through till early hours, plus.
    But, they moved the Bank holiday, so that put paid to that......Ha!...
    But, it's a great day.....Give's me the chance to clear out my 'Road-Kill' freezer......!
    I then go off to a monastery.....For a week...Rest......! :0).

    (If l get a chance to take a photo of the buffet table, before it's attacked, l'll get it put on my Blog).

  4. Gosh, you must have been exhausted by the end of it all! Sounds absolutely amazing. :)


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