6 June 2011

Paprika Chicken from The Recipe Queen


Right then, after all the excitement of the Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie recipe, let's get back to reporting on the last few days of the menu calendar for this week.

Yes, I finally got around to making the Paprika Chicken which had been on the menu list since last week.

As I'd booked it in for a Friday, I was quietly hoping that it would be a stress-free recipe to create as I'd about had enough of everything by then and was just hoping for a quiet day or so in which to catch up with my brain.  I only have a finite amount of energy and the ability to stand up each day and I can find that my brain runs away developing lists of things I should be doing and will often make stuff up when there isn't much to worry about.  So I was hoping for a bit of down-time.

Sadly, a bit of a jacket potato crisis blew that hope apart at the seams, but a long-lost half bag of frozen oven chips came to the rescue.  So, in the end, I had a jacket potato (which was E-NOR-MOUS and far too much) and the chaps had oven chips to go with the chicken.  I think hubby was fairly happy with his chips (over a jacket potato, anyway), but son & heir pouted a little, right up until he tasted the chicken whereupon he forgot all about the potato issue.

I deviated from the recipe only in three areas.  One, where I used streaky bacon instead of pancetta (price issue), two, where I used three teaspoonfuls of paprika instead of two (hubby's taste issue - he likes strong flavours) and three, where I put the pan into the oven to cook for the 45 minutes.  Oh, and of course I served it with potato instead of crusty bread.

Son & heir particularly enjoyed his as it didn't appear to involve any readily discernible vegetables.  Following on from the reports of E-Coli and death-cumbers, he's got a total downer on vegetables and has to be told the origin of each before he'll deign to eat it - and then he'll do so whilst looking suspiciously at me, just in case I'm telling fibs.  ~rolls eyes~

I won't reproduce the recipe here, as it is on The Recipe Queen's blog (just click on the name there) and really easy to find.  I commend it to you!  :)



  1. Come along now Jenny.....Settle down....!
    Pretend your a pair of curtains......And, pull yourself together.....! :0).
    Paprika Chix and Jacket Potato....Lovely, plenty of spud to soak up the sauce....mmmmM!

    And, on the early news this morn'in. Beansprouts seem to be blamed for the E.Coli. And, all those cucumbers that were thrown away....!
    But, in all honesty, and, those that know me, l'm surprised l'm still about. What with all the 'food' l've thrown down my throat, over the centuries. I waste...Nowt....Even when it was just me and my daughter, for 14yrs. Only ever put the rubbish bag out, every two weeks.
    As l've said before, "If it stands still long enough, l will eat it....!". :).

  2. Being female, I have to admit that I have had days where I've eaten everything that's not nailed down - and had a go at a few things that are. However, that's usually when I've spent all day at the Stables and come home too tired to be bothered to cook something, whereupon I've eaten everything that's available to be eaten NOW. LOL

    Son & heir will be pleased if it is beansprouts, because we only very rarely use them! Well, it's worth a try!


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