17 June 2011

Observer Food Monthly Awards

Now, far be it from me to tell you who to vote for in the "Best Food Blogger" category (ahem!) but the Observer are now looking for nominations in all the categories, which include restaurants, best Sunday Lunch, best place to drink etc.

If you're interested in voting, (cough, cough) you can go here to do so.

Oh, and if you can rope all your friends into doing so too, that'd be very nice.  For the nominees, of course.

(furiously pointing at the "Best Food Blog" nomination).



  1. That's an awful cough you've got there Jenny....

    Yes...Yes...I've voted. And, so has half the population of Sicily.....Sooooooo yer in....! :).

    Problem was, l found it difficult to get the scissors into the screen to cut the form out.....! LOL.
    (Well, it is Friday).
    Good Luck.....! :0).

  2. LOL Thankyou Willie! :) To be honest, I don't have the tiniest hope of winning - there are so many more professional blogging sites out there. But then, if you're not in it, you can't win it! :)


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