25 June 2011

Breakfasts - what do you have?

Classic : Shreddies with Greek Yoghurt & semi-skimmed milk
Having now accumulated a few photographs of various breakfasts, I thought it'd make an interesting blog posting.  After all, breakfast can be the best meal of the day - depending on what you have!

I suspect that, nine times out of ten, breakfast is a hurried affair where you grab a bit of toast whilst heading out the door to work - or even doesn't appear on the meal calendar for the day.  I know I spent many years not having enough time to have breakfast, when I had to walk the dogs and see to the horses before work.  In those days, "breakfast" was a cup of tea that I drank whilst getting dressed, then I was off and doing.

Fried egg on toast with loads of black pepper - mmmnn!
These days, I look forward to breakfast almost as much - if not more, some days - than dinner in the evening.

Breakfast on a work day, always involves an egg in some way.  Scrambled egg on a muffin, or an egg lightly fried in olive oil on toast, or the rather better for you poached egg on dry toast followed by an orange and a kiwi fruit.  

Every so often, I'll have a break from eggs for breakfast and have some tinned oily fish instead.  Usually mackerel in brine, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and doused with black pepper, spread across toast with horseradish cream.  It's a bit of a challenge for the tastebuds, first thing in the morning - so you've got to be feeling like it!  
Mackerel on horseradish, on toast (which Jonty in attendance)

Both the eggs and the fish follows the theory that eating something involving protein will leave you feeling fuller for longer - which is certainly true, in my experience.

Of course, any mention of egg for breakfast brings about thoughts of all the nice things you can do with eggs if you involve them with something else.  Omelettes feature occasionally, but by far and away our two favourites are :
Scrambled egg with smoked salmon on a bagel
or fry some beautiful BIG bacon (that's a 10in frying pan, there)
... and make a bacon & egg sandwich. The ultimate in yummy breakfasts.
But then, on other days, I might feel like something lighter, which usually means some fruit with yoghurt.

This one involved a nectarine, a Gala apple, a Kiwi fruit and an orange, with a big old blob of lovely Greek Yoghurt with a teensy drizzle of honey.


Oh, and speaking of fruit - another good way of utilising fruit that might be a bit past it's best is to cut out the mangy bits and whizz the whole lot up with a banana and some greek yoghurt.

Hey presto!  The smoothie.  It's not so good at filling you up, but if you've got a big lunch ahead, then it'll do you fine.

Thinking back to when I was a child, my breakfasts seemed to take the form of breakfast cereal followed by toast with either marmite or marmalade.  In the winter, however, we had Ready Brek.  I bought some for Son & heir recently and had a trip back in time, making some for my breakfast (just to prove to him that it was edible, after all).  Having eaten it, I'm really not so sure that it is, in fact, edible.  Even with the help from a large dollop of jam, I wasn't convinced.  Son & heir wasn't convinced either and, some months later, it went down the dog (who thought it was very edible).  I think we'd better not think too hard about that one.  *chuckle*

The winter months, for us, are always interspersed with sausage sandwiches.  For breakfast or lunch (or, very often, brunch) a sausage sandwich is rarely turned down and always hits the spot.

Once again - as with the bacon sandwiches, occasionally guilt gets the better of me and I turn to something lighter and less calorific.

All of which would have been just fine, with this breakfast of Tarantella Organic tinned tomatoes on toast, if the butter hadn't have been as hard as rock when it came to being spread on the toast.  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Just look at those gorgeous tomatoes - all sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt.  Oooh, it makes me hungry.  Now, how many hours until breakfast?

Okay, so what do you people have for breakfast?  C'mon, share - even your dirty little secrets (like chocolate spread on fried bread).  Out with it!



  1. Goodness Jenny....What are you trying to do to us.......! LOL.
    What fab. photos, gooooood enough to eat.
    Talk about drool.....And, does Jonty manage to get any mackerel....! :).
    Breakfast, never start a day with out it, and, for me, it's a fry up. Lightly cooked bacon, eggs, sunny side up, sausages, toms, black pud....
    Well, you know, anything and everything.
    As they say.....
    Eat like a king in the morn'in,
    A queen at lunchtime,
    And, a nave at night....! :0).
    AND, kippers, love kippers......mmmmmM!
    Is there anything i don't eat......NO! LOL.
    Oh! well, back to the tennis.....grilled bacon and Sicilian rabbit for tea.......? :0).
    (Don't do Welsh).

  2. So do you have a cooked breakfast every morning, Willie?

    I'm with you regarding the kippers, but can't have them too often. They tend to spend the rest of the day reminding me I had them! lol

  3. Yes! Every single morn'in.......!
    Without fail.....!
    I do keep a box of cheap cereal though, always have a bowl of that before bed....Naughty l know....! :).
    Next Saturday, l shall be having breaky at Asda, be there about 8:45, little read of my comic, the Sun....And then, it's trolly time....! :).

  4. Haha! Well, good for you - and it probably IS good for you. LOL

    Yes, I have been known to indulge in some cornflakes before bed, before now. :)

  5. My breakfasts are quite variable - I do shifts so on earlies it tends to be a bowl of muesli with prunes or banana, sometimes with a little yoghurt on.

    On my 'lates' I like to do scrambled eggs with mushrooms on toast, fills me up well for the rest of the day! In between that it can be anything, today was sultana drop scones with nutella on, yesterday was a boiled egg and toasted bagel.

    Though am very partial to a sausage sandwich so that sneaks in a couple of times a month.

    Additionally on my days off, me and a friend like to go out for a cooked breakfast and are slowly making way through local eateries offerings!

  6. Oh I love that idea, Anne! I wanted to do that with all our local cafe's, but hubby isn't so keen on the idea. I thought it would be fun and you'd get to find out which of your local eateries doesn't look like much, but is well worth visiting. Hubby's put off by the idea that you'll also get to know which are the truly dire ones that we should never have visited in the first place. For me, that just adds to the interest!


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