18 May 2011

Quick! Here's the meal plan for this week.

I should really be watching "The Apprentice", but no - I'm here typing away just so that I won't be too late with the meal plan for this week.  Feel sorry for me, because not only am I missing "The Apprentice", but I also just bashed myself on the forehead with our griddle pan, whilst trying to sniff the centre of it because it smelled of char-grilled peppers.  *blush*  Oh, I can't help it - and yes, I should have known it was that heavy as I've spent all afternoon cooking with it.  But there you are.  *chuckle*

So, without further ado, here's the meal plan for this week :

Quick stroganoff & pasta
Tandoori chicken & Jun Tanaka's char-grilled vegetable couscous
Minced beef, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots
Ken Hom's Broccoli Chicken with rice
Anthony Worrall-Thompson's "Health in a Bowl" with char-grilled Ciabatta
Phil Vickery's Pepperpot Beef & Orange stew with rice & peas
Cornish pasties, oven chips and baked beans.

So, who is coming over for what dinner?  LOL

There's quite a lot of chef accreditation going on up there, isn't there?  Unusually so - but then I have been trawling the Good Food Channel's "Healthy Recipes" section, which is where the most of these have come from.

I'm afraid it's no good trying to book for the Quick stroganoff & pasta, because we had that yesterday and I have to say that it was truly disgusting.  However, in my own defence, I cooked it especially for Son & heir, as he's had to suffer some quite vegetable-heavy dishes just lately, and it was a little culinary thank you for doing his best with them.  It hit the spot with him in that he cleared his plate and declared it delicious - so job done.  (Even if it did make me feel very peculiar, later on in the evening!).

Jun Tanaka's version - mine was a lot chunkier!
We've just had the Tandoori chicken with Char-grilled vegetable couscous and, wonder of wonders, I won again on the couscous front.  Oh, well, apart from with Son & heir, who has decreed he doesn't like the char-grilled flavour on anything (well, except a Burger King burger, of course.  ~rolls eyes~).  As for the Tandoori chicken being even remotely Tandoori - it wasn't.  Yes, I know we don't have a Tandoor oven here, but the chicken was supposed to have been able to be cooked on a griddle pan (are you sensing a bit of a fixation here?) which I had thought might lend it the charred flavour that goes with Tandoori foods.  As it was, thankfully, I only tried the little mini-fillets on the griddle pan.  As they welded themselves to it, I put the breast fillets into the oven!  25 minutes at 200deg and they were really quite tasty, if entirely NOT Tandoori.

We didn't manage to catch a photograph of the dish (forgot!), but I have a little couscous left over which I'll try and take a decent photograph of, just so that I can pass the recipe on - as it was really extremely nice and worth doing again.

We're having a de-constructed Cottage Pie tomorrow.  Well, I'm at work so it's unlikely I'll want to make a Cottage Pie, but you never know!  I've actually been having dreams (like, every night!) about Shepherd's Pie, so perhaps I should, just to see what will happen.  Son & heir will be okay with this one, as he loves minced beef in all its guises.  Hopefully it will also mean I can use up the Maris Pipers I got for the Cheesy Champ Mash plus the Chantenay carrots I got for Son & heir's Sunday chicken dish.

Ken Hom's version - looks good!
Friday will be one of Ken Hom's lovely easy dishes.  This one, Broccoli Chicken, will help to make use of the Oyster Sauce I bought recently.  It's also not quite a stir-fry and is served with rice, so I'm hoping that Son & heir will be okay with it.  I'm sure hubby will, as he really likes all the oriental style dishes.

Somebody had better remind me, though, that on Friday evening I'm supposed to be putting some Lentils on to soak, ready for making Anthony Worrall-Thompson's Health in a Bowl on Saturday.

Health in a bowl - well, we'll see!
I am super-intrigued by this one.  It has got everything bar the kitchen sink in it - everything that's good for you, anyway!  Plus, it is based on some thick cut gammon ham - which is something we haven't had for ages.  I'm sure it would work perfectly with a smoked ham hock, too - but I'll be darned if I can source one of those around here at the moment!  Of course, owing to the fact that I haven't used the griddle pan for a few days, I've scheduled us to have griddled Ciabatta with a smudge of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil, along with it.  I'm feeling healthier just talking about it - goodness knows how I'll feel the day after making and eating it.  (Fingers crossed).

Sunday's dish is another interesting one.  Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to do any more heavy old stews because it was spring time, but this recipe says it isn't heavy - and as it's based on a Caribbean recipe, I guess it's got a 50:50 chance of being healthy.  Anyway, it's another (very good) excuse to use some lovely Brisket of beef.  The rice and peas I've put as accompanying it, I have yet to decide whether to do traditional rice and peas, or just make rice with some green peas in it.  Authenticity -v- colour.  Hmmmn, the jury's still out on that one.

Now as for Monday, let's just pretend that Monday isn't going to happen, shall we?  Although, I will just quickly say that I'll be having a jacket potato instead of chips, but that still doesn't mitigate the damage done by a shop-bought Cornish Pasty.  *sigh*  All I can do is try.  Well, you've got to serve some Man-food sometimes, just so that he knows you're listening to him, isn't that how it goes?



  1. You banged yer head, and you mentioned the Apprentice.....Two bad starts me thinks....! :).
    But, once again, although a quick meal plan, it's lovely. And, stroganoff, love it....!
    Well, it's nice and early, still think'in on last night's 'Two Greedy Italians'. I still think those really hate each other, those two.
    But, passing the wine round, at the begining, with the family, certainly took me back.
    And, sharing the pasta dishes. I used to sit out on the patio, with my daughter, she'd sit
    one side of the table, me the other, and a big plate of pasta between us. With just a fork each....
    The good old Sicilian way....! :0).
    I was disappointed though, their not going to Sicily. Oh! Well.....
    Must get on.....Meeting Andrea in Poole later for coffee. Good old Italian chin-wag.....! LOL.

  2. Oh rats! I missed the Two Italians as well as the Apprentice. I'd forgotten about that one. Ah well, that's what Catchup T.V. is all about - I'll have a look for it on there. :)

  3. Your ears would have been burning this morn'in Jenny, or rather your Blogs ears......Met Andrea for coffee, and we chatted away, mostly about food and your Blog, in Costa Coffee. Do love it in there, though, use the one in Wimborne mostly.

    So, you missed the Apprentice and The two Greedy Italians....How hard did you hit yourself with the pan....! :). LOL...!

    Oh! the little tate-ta-tate we had by e-mail, re chefs, we like and dislike. Well, there is one other l forgot. Phil Vickery.....Oh! Yes...
    And, the reason.....He married the love of my 'then' life....Fern Britton...Ah! Tell ya about it some time....BUT, not on a food Blog...LOL.
    Have Fun....! :0).

  4. I love Andrea's blog. It always makes me laugh - and not because it is inherently funny, but because I can't understand a word of it unless I read it with an Italian accent. LOL Then, and only then, it becomes clear. It's just brilliant. It was a lovely morning for a coffee date - a bit chilly to sit out on the street, perhaps. That pan - it was a bit of a clonk, but I've obviously a hard head as there's no bruise this morning. Hahah!

    Ooooh, intrigue! Well, my email address is at your disposal if you want to confess the torrid tale of Miss Britton and Mr Vickery. LOL


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