6 February 2011

Butterburst cookies from the Byron Bay Bakehouse

Try saying that when you’ve got a mouthful of the chocolate hazelnut version!

I was sent a selection – Chocolate Hazelnut, Passionfruit and Citrus Lemon – to sample and review.

Now I have to say, straight up, that my favourite of the three types was the Chocolate Hazelnut – by a long chalk.  Each individual pack contains two of the Butterburst cookies, and the description of “butterburst” is really very apt!  Within seconds of your first bite, apart from the chocolatey nuttiness, the biggest sensation is the butteriness of them.  It’s a clever thing, considering how crunchy the cookies are.  I expected them to be softer, more like a Scottish shortbread kind of texture, but they’re not.  They’re lighter than that and with a very definite crunch.

The Citrus Lemon is a lovely light and zingy mouthful and easily ranks as my second favourite of the three.  Although it really isn’t fair to say that the Passionfruit version comes in last, as on it’s own and without the other two, I’d be waxing lyrical about that too!  Our son wasn’t terribly impressed by the Passionfruit butterburst, however, to the extent that he gave his second biscuit away – which is unheard of.

For me, all three of the types are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee.

Each biscuit contains in the range of 90-100 calories, so you’re looking at 200 calories or so for the two.  However, these cookie biscuits aren’t supposed to be healthy, they’re one of your “naughty but nice” little treats.  At least, by way of damage limitation, there’s only two in the pack!

Retailing at 99p per twin pack, I’d say they’re not too bad a deal.  Well, if you forget that you could buy an entire pack of Custard Creams for 49p – but then cheap Custard Creams these little babies are not.  I could easily see myself buying a pack to accompany a Cappucino!

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