5 January 2011

Marmite Chocolate - say whaaaa?

No, really.  Marmite Chocolate.
I got it as a Christmas Present from Chillibob.  He said it was one of those "had to be done" things - and I agree.

In fact, I think it's rather nice.  Odd, but rather nice.  But then, I do like Marmite.  :)


  1. I am most displeased about this. Marmite - yes, chocolate - yes, Marmite chocolate - no. A shark has been jumped. Oh yes. Tis end of days, mark my words.

  2. Rather than the end of days, it is more like the end of the Marmite Chocolate. *chuckle* I found it incredibly moreish and even with rationing, it still only lasted a week. ~sad face~


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