16 January 2011

Getting back into the knack of blogging ...

It's supposed to be a food blog, isn't it?
It seems such an easy thing to do, doesn't it, blogging?  After all, you make something nice to eat (in the case of a food blog, anyway) take a photograph of it and write about it.  Simple.

However, it's honestly not that easy.  Well, the "making the food" part can be difficult, but on the whole it's fairly easy - especially when my chopping-and-peeling man (yay, Chillibob!) does all the chopping and peeling.  The photographing bit isn't THAT hard, especially as all we have is a little digital camera.  The hardest part is remembering where the heck it is!

No, it's the "finding the time to write about it" that's the hard part.  I honestly think that if I were sound in wind and limb (and hence the responsibility for the largest part of the housekeeping was down to me), I wouldn't have time to provide the upkeep of a blog.  As it is, because I'm far from sound, I ostensibly have the time to sit and type.  Or that's the theory, anyway.

I've been pondering on what gets in the way of blogging.  I have a theory that it's down to two things : 1. Myself and 2. Everything else.  Now number 2 is easy to explain - it's all those things that get in the way. Shopping. Not feeling well enough to sit at the computer for hours. Family requiring to see you on occasion (which is fair enough, to be honest).  Taking family where they want to go (I'm the only car driver).  Waiting for them while they do their thing (wish I had a little laptop!) and all those things that, following on from Christmas, need doing.

As for number 1, getting in my own way is something of an art form and something that I wish I wasn't quite so good at.  I really - no, really - enjoy blogging and since the advent of Spotify.com, can now even listen to music whilst I blog.  (Deacon Blue, at the moment, since you ask).  It's a very enjoyable pastime.  I think that the real problem with it, is that it takes so flipping long.  I just can't sit down and bash out a blog post within a half hour.  Even though I type at 120 words a minute (no, really, I do!) and the words just fall out of my head, sometimes falling over themselves to do so, it just seems to take me aeons from opening up the posting page, to clicking on that "publish" button.  I can spend all day, and produce two blog posts.  I think I must go into some kind of time warp.

Absolutely nothing to do with this piece of writing
but too cute for words
Consequently, I've become a bit leery of getting into writing during the day because it segregates me from the rest of the family and I find I've spent the entire weekend sitting in my bedroom, staring at the screen whilst my fingers do the talking.  One day, I'm scared I'll walk into the sitting room and not recognise the young man who is welded to the X-Box as being my son.

So, I've moved to writing during the evenings.  However, even that's not ideal as my condition (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) is at its worst by the evening and I'm far from comfortable sitting here.  Which has it's benefits, as at least I can't type long into the night, as my body lets me know it's bedtime.

As a result, following on from Christmas, I've been noticeable by my absence - for which I humbly apologise, all those who follow my blog regularly.  I have a whole HEAP of things to tell you about - and I will get to them, I promise.  I just have to remember to take photographs, lol.

Now, where's that camera?



  1. great post, look forward to reading all about what you've been cooking! Your post made me smile, because I cooked some great little Chinese dumplings yesterday, thought "yeah, I'll blog about them" and forgot to take photos! love the peeking duck too!

  2. That Peeking Duck made me laugh out loud, the first time I saw him. :)

  3. Love the duck! Reminds of the book 'Fup', but that'll mean nothing if you've not read it!

    Totally understand where you're coming from about blog entry creation time. I get no change out of 1.5 to 2 hours to write an entry. I've tried eeking out bits of time from elsewhere but it's just not happening, which is a real shame because it's my best (and most rational) life outlet, but on the downside it does't pay - something my other writing does! I think for me, 2011 needs to include some serious prioritising...

  4. "Fup"? I must search this book out!

    "Not paying" isn't a good reason to not write, especially if you enjoy the process. (In my humble opinion). Of course, if you've spent all day at the computer composing your best technical works, I can understand your not wanting to continue that by way of amusement. Balance, that's what's needed! Let me know how you found it, if you ever do - I could do with some tuition on the balance front! LOL

  5. Polymyalgia Rheumatica is a not so common disorder of shoulder which causes toughness and extreme pain in the shoulders which further goes into the hips also.

    1. You ain't kidding. It affects all parts of the body, not just the shoulders and hips!


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