5 January 2011

The best thing I ate this Christmas : Rib of Beef

I referred, somewhat tantalisingly, to buying a piece of Beef from our local butcher to have as extra ammunition on Boxing Day.

Well, this piece of bone-in Rib of Beef deserves its own mention such was its degree of yumtiousness.  Oh, and yes, "yumtiousness" is a word - I've just declared it so.

We wandered into Spring Fields Butchers to have a bit of a peep at their beef and was so side-tracked by the t.v. celebrity who followed us in (and whose name I am STILL scratching around for, annoyingly) that I wound up buying a 1.5kg piece of bone-in Rib.

Just how nice does that look?  On the negative side, it was perhaps a little young as it could have been a bit darker, but then I was side-tracked trying to whisper out of the corner of my mouth to Chillibob "famous person behind you!".

As a piece of mouth-wateringly beefy beef, it wins.  So majorly lovely was it, that I didn't get beyond taking a photograph of it in the pan being seared on all sides - or the sides that would fit in the pan, anyway.

Having roasted it, I carved it and froze it (weep - sacrilege! But necessary) for use on Boxing Day - of which, more later!


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