11 December 2010

Getting closer to Christmas!

Some cheese & biscuits that Hubby prepared for me. 
Cute, eh?  :)
The tension is mounting!  Ridiculous, isn't it, when it is just for two days of eating, drinking, being in one another's company, supplying batteries for the kids' new toys and watching rubbish t.v.  I'm trying to retain some perspective, but it is so easy to get swept away when the shops and t.v. (and the internet, to an extent) are plastered with Christmassy messages, all designed to part you from some cash.

I have been trying to assemble a menu for the three days of Christmas and failing miserably, so far.  Hubby and I had an impromptu discussion - just as we were getting into bed - on the subject that resulted in the Ottolenghi Cookbooks coming out and a little bit of research being done, to illustrate my thoughts on the subject.  I now feel as though I've a bit more of a focus as to what I'm doing, but the planning aspect is still getting away from me - as is evidenced by the cook books and notepad out on the bed ... and I'm writing a blog post.  *chuckle*

Speaking of blog posts - I noticed the other day that Rhubarb & Ginger had gone up 20 points on the Wikio scale.  I'm proud of that!  Alright, I'm still only at number 420 - but it's 20 less than I was at!

We went out shopping on Tuesday as normal, only decided to have a scope around our local Tesco, with a view to perhaps shopping there in future (because it's a lot nearer) instead of at our local Asda (which is further away).  We attacked Asda first, so as to get the bulk of the shopping done, and as a damage limitation exercise for Tesco.  You know what it's like when you're in a new shop - everything seems so much more interesting, before you know where you are you've spent a fortune!

We arrived at Poole Asda at around 8.30am, having dropped son at school.  Because our tummies were rumbling and it's never good to shop when you're hungry, we decided to pop into their cafe and have a bacon sandwich and a coffee.  Now bear in mind that we had to have been one of the first customers there that morning - and in light of that I really do think that there was no excuse for the half-cooked bacon, nor the sausage that tasted of cardboard and especially the lukewarm coffees.  Oh, and why in heaven's name do they give you little pats of rock-hard butter to "spread" (one lump or two?) on your soft roll - which destroys it?  *sigh*

As for Tesco at Fleetsbridge, well I think I'm safe in saying we won't be spending much time shopping there.  As a disabled person who has to use one of their electric ride-on buggies, shopping as Christmas approaches becomes an increasing challenge.  However, Tesco's ride-on buggies run silently - which you would think is a bonus.  Right up until you "sneak" up on someone who steps back into you and hurts their foot for the third time in as many minutes.  It gets very, very difficult thereafter.  It would also help if the buggies went when you pressed the "go" button and likewise, stopped when you let it go.  Allowing for two second's drift in either manoeuvre helps, but not when someone stops dead in front of you.  Asda's noisy buggies some into their own there - at least everyone (apart from the very deaf) knows you're there!

Hubby's Prawn & Little Gem Risotto was a success, by the way.  Not quite a triumph, as it lacked a teensy bit of creaminess and would definitely have benefited from more Parmesan, but it was so very nearly there.  The King Prawns we got from Asda were super meaty and juicy and the addition of the Little Gem lettuce may seem odd, but it worked brilliantly.  Because he added it at absolutely the last minute, it wilted but still retained the crunch that made each mouthful so interesting.  The lettuce also gave a freshness to the dish which sat very well beside the prawns.  Can't wait for the second edition!

One last note - I think I may have just marked myself, as son's Mum, as a source of very good grub in his friend's eyes.  *chuckle*  They arrived hungry and in time for lunch, so I made them toasted ham & fried egg sandwiches.  The plates came back polished.  Job done.  *grin*

[Edited to correct grammatical inconsistencies caused by arrival of son & friend]


  1. Goodness me.....Is it Christmas then....well...
    Wondered what all the fuss was about....Naugh! Love it really, that and my birthday.
    Just done my crib, still use the original figures, that we had when l was a boy, it looks nice with all the geenery, and lights, don't bother with a tree, since my daughter left home for Uni, 16yrs ago now, Jesus, does'nt time fly.
    But, the high light of the day, was this morn'in, l ploughed through 5 brace of pheasants, 4 brace of ducks and a couple of rabbits...........No, No partridge in a pear tree.
    And, after reading this splendid Blog Jenny, l'm gonna have some cheese and biscuits, what hubby has made at the top, looks goooood enough to eat.....lovely. :).

  2. LOL - so you hadn't noticed then, Willie? As if! LOL

    These pheasants, ducks and rabbits - do you pluck/skin & clean them for someone else, or just for your freezer? If it's just for the freezer, goodness, I could do with making friends with a Gamekeeper somewhere! LOL

  3. Well, they are mostly mine, as l get a lot given to me, my next door neighbour, John, is a Gamekeeper, and has raised some 2,500 pheasants, for local shoots, l do a few for friends, who are to lazy, or can't do them.
    I'm amazed, in this day and age, that grown men, are terrified to even pull a feather off a bird, let alone pull and draw it...Shame on them..!
    I have watched my Grandfather (Who died at the age of 106) and Father, do game of all sorts, in my younger years. I know l've mentioned 'road-kill'.
    I picked up a Fallow deer, about 30lb in weight, on my way back from Poole, last year, on the side of the road, with-in the hour, it was hang'in on the back of my kitchen door, with it's throat cut, and a bag over it's head, to catch the blood........!
    WELL, you did ask..! lol. :0).
    But, that was the way l was brought up. In Sicily, if you needed to eat, you had to go out and catch it, or shoot it, or fish for it, fresh.
    BUT, l must make a confession.....'I' NEVER, kill anything...!
    If l drive down the road, and l see a pheasant, rabbit, l will always stop, or drive round it..........True...!
    BUT...Bring it to me.....Dead.....With my trusty 8 inch blade, l'm away with the fairy's..!
    AND, when l took my A-Level in zoology, my practical, was to dissect a rabbit. Best they'd ever seen.....Not happy though, they would'nt let me take it home to eat...what a waste.. :).
    Jenny, if you ever fancy something in that line, game etc.....always drop it off for you at the hotel. (As long as you shoot it yourself)
    No!...No!....I jest, of course.
    Your most welcome....!

  4. ~ having hysterics at the mental image of letting a bunny loose in the car park, whilst I draw a bead on it with my trusty blunderbuss ~

    LOL Too funny! Aww thanks Willie. :) If you ever find yourself with too many Ducks, I'd happily take one of them off your hands! I've never plucked, pulled or drawn a bird and I have a suspicion that like the Wild Rabbit I had the other week, if I had to deal so closely with it's innards (plucking a bird wouldn't be any problem) then I probably couldn't eat it. I'd be okay if I was dealing with a bird that I didn't have to cook and eat thereafter - and after a few birds' practice, I'm sure I'd be fine to eat them. It's just getting used to the yuk factor! LOL


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