15 November 2010

Win a £25 voucher for use with CSN Stores!

CSN Stores?  Who are they?

Many apologies to them, but that's what I asked myself when I was contacted by them to run a giveaway.  However, behind the letters "CSN" there lies a multitude of opportunities to find a very good use for £25.  From bedroom furniture through lighting both classic and modern, to - and most importantly - cookware, you'll be spoiled for choice as to what to ask for.

There are six - yes, six - websites affiliated to the CSN name and across which your voucher will apply, comprising :

http://www.allmodern.co.uk/ http://www.cookwarebycsn.co.uk/

So.  What do you need to do for this competition?

  Simply tell me the very first recipe you ever made - that you felt really proud of.

For me, it was 31 years ago and it was a curry - made with chicken pieces cooked in the pressure cooker that I used to boil Linseed for my horses.  Made from scratch and with home-made stock, it was real cooking.

Post your responses to the blog here
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Competition closes at 4pm on the 22nd November 2010

Good luck!


  1. For me it was a Victoria Sponge cake at age 10, came out like a Biscuit lol. Second attempt like a huge MUFFIN! lol, now ive perfected it perfectly :D.

    Baking is all about the mistakes and learning.

  2. Can I pop my name in the hat?
    The first thing that I was really proud of was when I first moved to uni and made my first ever roast dinner for all of my flatmates. We hadn't had a proper meal that didn't get delivered by a guy on a motorbike for months so I bought a joint of beef and all of the trimmings and spent the whole day cooking.
    I was so proud when they ALL asked for seconds.

  3. Victoria Sponge, aged about 8. Turned out so well my mum decided not to bother baking them again; I beat her Kenwood chef.
    (anon because blogspot blogs never let me comment otherwise but Jenny knows who I am!)

  4. Hoooray! Well done everyone for having a go. I was beginning to feel all forgotten and lonely there for a while. :)

  5. I think probably the tacos I made my family as an entire seal when I was 12.

    I was so proud I had figured out how to get a well-balanced meal that also tasted great. What I didn't realise was that you really need more than 2 tacos for a proper meal :-)

  6. I have a feeling it was probably flapjacks. I didn't put that much golden syrup as with most recipes, and the result was that they were really crunchy - but it worked! They were yummy :)

  7. When my mum was ill one weekend and I was probably 8 or so, my dad and I made a marble cake. Came out well apart from the cherries we put ontop sunk inside!

  8. Jam tarts age 3 - I may not have made the pastry but spooning the jam into the tarts certainly made me think I'd made the whole lot and I was so proud!

  9. I love everyone's tales so far. Isn't it funny, how we all seemed to start our cooking career by baking cakes or one sort or another? I can remember, many times, being tasked with the production of a Victoria Sandwich for the weekend. :)

  10. For me it was making my first chocolate chip cookies with my nan. Saturday was baking day and they are memories I will treasure forever.

    @daisybeebee - will RT

  11. "Angel's Wings" buns with my Mum - and we always had to test a few immediately to make sure they were right!

  12. Sorry - should have added I will retweet as @beachrambler.

  13. Cheesecake-in-a-packet. All by myself

    Very proud moment.


  14. My first homemade curry, not from a jar, is probably what I am most proud of. I still use the same basic recipe, it works every time!


  15. I was helping my Mum bakes cakes etc in the kitchen from about 3 years old, but the first thing I was really proud of was making Welsh Rarebit when I was about 6, it was and probably still is my favourite snack/lunch/light supper. I was so proud I could do it that I think everyone in our family had it made for them for the next few weeks.

  16. Anonymous (the owner of the Welsh Rarebit post) - I need some way of identifying you, in case you win! :)

  17. And a winner is chosen!

    I gave everyone a number according to the order in which they responded, then wrote that number on a scrap of paper and scrunched it into a little ball. I then got our Son to close his eyes and choose one.

    The lucky winner is @Tewy79, who couldn't get the site to work for him, so entered via Twitter!

    Thanks to everyone who had a try - and @Tewy79, if you'd like to email me at PoshPaws55@gmail.com I'll forward your prize code!


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