6 November 2010

Home made Pizza

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In days gone by, when we still lived in Kent, I would make pizza from scratch on a regular basis.  However, with the advent of frozen pizza becoming £3.00 for 3 in Asda, I just couldn't compete with that kind of price and home made pizza became too expensive to produce.

Recently though, the frozen pizzas have become sickly and more than a little bit yuk, which has put us off from buying them and leaving us pizza-less.  With a 12 year old boy in the house, this is something of a critical situation to be in.

So, hubby decided to have another go at making them from scratch.

Three pizza bases, ready for action
They look alright to me!
I won't go into the pizza bread base, as I know that hubby wasn't terribly pleased with it, although both son and myself had no problem with it and declared the whole thing just gorgeous.  However, I know there's no point in giving you the recipe until he's completely happy with it.
Ooooh, you saucy things!
He made the tomato sauce himself, comprising a tin of tomatoes to which he added a teensy bit, like a quarter of a teaspoon, of dried mixed herbs, dried oregano, salt & pepper to season, a teaspoon of tomato ketchup and a couple of drops of Worcestershire Sauce.  He then simmered it until it had reduced to the consistency of a thick passata and allowed it to cool.

Of course, everyone had different ideas about what they wanted on their pizzas.  Son was the easy one, as he just wanted pepperoni, plus mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.  However to make it a bit more meaty, we'd bought a Pepperami which hubby had sliced up for adding to the pizzas.
Mine (left) and hubby's (right)
all ready for the oven.
Hubby had pepperoni, pepperami, green pepper, mushroom, green olive, mozzarella and cheddar.  I had all that, plus a leetle bit of black pudding, sprinkled here and there.

Gosh, but they were good.  :)

I don't mind having Pizza more often, if they're going to wind up being THIS good.


  1. i had a frozen pizza the other day was so salty my mouth hurt so i'm a big fan of homemade! :-)

  2. I knew home made were good, but to be honest I'd forgotten just HOW good they are. Definitely worth the effort and extra pennies - especially when you consider the rubbish that's on offer from the shops.

  3. I know what you mean about Frozen pizza, my daughter had one that she thought someone had put jam on it was so sweet. You can try pizza made on middle-Eastern flat breads- Usually 59p in Makkah a middleastern shop in Charminster or in parkestone . just add the toppings and put in hot oven or under grill. Its pretty thin crust but really lovely

  4. Welcome, Tansy! Yes, I know Makkah - it's our ethnic shop of choice and the Parkstone one is quite local to us. :) That sounds a brilliant idea for when you haven't got time to make the pizza base. Thanks!


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