9 October 2010

Welcome to all of you!

The blog has been running for a few weeks now, and I just wanted to say an offical hello and a warm welcome, to everyone who has come here.

I just couldn't believe my eyes, when I looked at my stats to see where you folk were coming from!

Needless to say, the U.K. is a given, followed by the U.S.A. and Canada, however then I've had visitors from Australia, the Ukraine, Ghana, Netherlands, New Zealand (hiya Liz! lol), Russia and Germany.  Wow!

I'm very glad to have you visit and hope something on this blog has left you feeling a little like this : 


  1. It's just about seven, just made my first lemon tea of the day, thought l'd check out the old PC. Goodness me Jenny, you frightened me to death, l thought l was looking into the mirror! :). Goat, lovely, will you be printing a receipe....! lol.
    AND...The Pussy-Cat.....Ah!
    Yes, had a great night last night, well, the sixties....Motown.....Best decade ever....Can't be beat.
    Nice to hear all those lovely people around the world, being in touch, well, this is a lovely Blog. Lovely...Well done Jenny. :0)

  2. LOL Willie - no, no recipe for goat. Well, not today anyway. LOL

    I just wanted everyone to know that I was aware they'd been, and how glad I was that they were there. :)

    Great to hear you had such a good time! I love Motown, too. You just can't sit still when there's a Motown song on the radio. :)


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