2 October 2010

A trifling challenge!

Hubby issued me with a challenge - to make a box of Bird's Trifle and make it so that it was palatable.

Well, I'm not sure that the end result was as tidy as it was meant to be, but it was certainly palatable!

Inside the box, you find sachets each of custard powder, dream topping and jelly crystals, plus a bag of four trifle sponges and a leetle bag of chocolate sprinkles.  The chocolate sprinkles made me smile, although I was a teensy bit disappointed that they weren't multicoloured.

So, "to horse!" she cried.

Stage 1 is to make the custard.  Which involves a saucepan, a bowl and a measuring jug.

Stage 2 is to make the jelly.  Which involves a bowl and a measuring jug.  Cue 1st lot of washing up.

Stage 3 is to combine the trifle sponges with some fruit from a tin I'd magicked out of the cupboard, and the jelly.  Cue washing up no. 2 as the bowl I'd chosen wasn't big enough.

Stage 4 is to add the custard layer, having let it cool.  Oh, and wash up the saucepan.

Stage 5 is to whip up the dream topping and add that to the cooled custard layer.  I was getting fed up with the washing up by now, but thankfully, all was done bar the sprinkles - which had to be added moments before serving.

Now I love trifle, but :

a) I got SO fed up with washing up utensils;
b) it took so flipping long!
c) the jelly crystals are about as pernickety as the old lady down the road who hates kids playing outside her house and degenerated into water at the slightest opportunity.

As you will see from the picture above, I attempted to cheer the whole sorry combination up by including a tin of tropical fruit salad in the mix.  Well, it made it a bit more interesting and added some sorely needed texture.  Still, it did us for dessert for two days.  Two long, long days .... lol

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