17 October 2010

Look what we've got!

Such treasure!  A Kenwood Chef - at last!
I don't know how long we have lusted after a Kenwood Chef.  Well, we've been together for nearly 13 years, so it's probably about that long.  Now, thanks to our friends Laura and David deciding to have a turnout of their kitchen, we are the proud owners of a beautiful shiny as-new Kenwood Chef.

Hubby is terribly excited, as the Kenwood came with a dough hook.  Well you know what an artisan baker he is - although I'm not sure artisan bakers are supposed to use things like Kenwood Chefs, aren't they supposed to sweat as they mix things by hand?  LOL  Anyway, we'll forgive him that, as anything that makes life a teensy bit easier has got to be a good thing.

You'll see above his first loaf of bread, made using the Kenwood.  He was so proud.  Now, I think we're on to loaf three or four of various incarnations of bread, in the search for the perfect "everyday" loaf.

I have to admit, that all I've done with it (so far) is make a smoothie - but what a smoothie!  I've always wanted to be able to add ice cubes to a smoothie - and ice cubes are definitely more than my little stick blender could cope with.  The Kenwood, however, just munched it's powerful way through them.

My smoothie was made with an enormous Cox's apple, three red plums, a banana, three dessertspoonfuls of plain live yoghurt, around 200ml of apple juice and three ice cubes.  Whizz it all up and it makes enough for two smoothies that will wake up the most jaded of taste buds!


  1. Lovely.....Well done you. Something l don't have, still use'in the old right arm....!
    Must tell you.....
    Went to Wimborne yesterday, charity shop, for a pound, l got a Spaghetti bowl, hand painted, 12 inches in diameter, red/white/green, and in the base of it, hand painted recipe, for....
    Spaghetti al Prezzemolo.
    Soffriggere nell'olio, 1 spicchio d'aglio, 150gr prezzemolo e 4 pomodori. Aggiungere 6 cucchiai di parmigano grattugiato. Cuocere 600gr di spaghetti, al dente e condirli con la salsetta.
    Simple to make and so tasty. Mind you l did sprinkle some chopped salami over the top. :0)
    Shopped at lidl's earlier in the week.
    Have fun with the Kenwood Jenny. Mum had one, always used it, made things a lot easier for her,
    especially at the age of 90. :)

  2. Willie that sounds like a glorious bowl! As for the recipe, well I'll need a bit of translation please.
    Soffriggere nell'olio : I take to mean some kind of oil?
    1 spicchio d'aglio : garlic?
    150gr prezzemolo : sounds like cheese but I'll bet it isn't.
    4 pomodori : 4 tomatoes?
    Aggiungere 6 cucchiai di parmigano grattugiato : I suspect has got to be parmesan.
    Cuocere 600gr di spaghetti : educated guess, spaghetti! LOL

  3. Soffriggere nell'olio - fry in oil
    1 spicchio d'aglio - one measure of "quick" garlic - probably a clove. Or a spoon of pre-prepared garlic in a jar sort of thing.
    150gr prezzemolo - parsley!
    Pomodori - tomatoes
    Aggiungere 6 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato - add six (tea?)spoons of grated Parmesan
    Cuocere = "cook" .. yes, spaghetti!

  4. Translate......Translate.....Do you know how much l charge for translations! lol. :0)
    Nearly their.....
    Prezzemolo is Parsley.
    Soffriggere is to fry lightly.
    Clove of Garlic.
    And yes a cucchiai are spoons (6) and of course condire is to add.
    Fry lightly the parsly, add the clove of garlic, (l would cut this into say 4 pieces). And add 4 chopped tomatoes. 6 spoons of parmigiano.
    Cook the spaghetti, until al dente, and mix with the sauce. Hey Presto...! :)
    Little tip. you may already know of course, when cook'in pasta, always add a little olive oil in the water, stops the pasta from sticking.
    You see, Italian is the loveliest language in the world, so easy to understand, but then l'm from Sicily, less said about that the better. lol.
    So, marks out of 10. Jenny....8. Lozzie Cap...8. (Must do better).

  5. Your proper artisan bakers (the ones that sell the stuff) use a much bigger dough hook than the kind you find on a kenwood.

    What the hook does though is lend a consistancy and a smoothness to the dough that, if you were to to by hand on a daily basis, would habe you looking like popeye in fairly short order.

    Loving the kenwood - Thank you Laura and David!


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