24 October 2010

Halloween Lanterns - I won!

Looks a bit fearsome, doesn't he?

Well, he's made to fly up in the air with a tealight-style candle underneath him providing the uplift, so he needs to have a big obvious face otherwise nobody will know what he's all about!

I am incredibly excited to say that I won four of these fun fellows on Whimsical Wife's blog.  Thanks go to Whimsical Wife for running the competition and Pedlars, who provided the prizes.

Now all we've got to do, is to work out which high point (there are quite a few around here) to go to from which to set them free on Halloween!  It's also son's birthday that very day, so it's great to have something else that's fun to do, to add to the celebrations. :)


  1. Goodness me Jenny....Opened up your Blog.....
    Thought l was look'in in the mirror...! :)
    Just to say, those of you who hollow out your pumpkins, please don't throw away the seeds.
    Wash and dry them, and put them into an oven to roast off. They are nice to eat or use, and are very good for you, helps combat cancer.
    There, short and sweet....Must get on.....More pheasants...just arrived on the runway....! :)

  2. I want one!!!! I want loads!!!!!!! I have the urge to send them flying off the pier, but I'm guessing coastguard security won't see the humour of ghostly pumpkins flying about.

  3. Well if you did, writerscript, they wouldn't be the only ones making their way over to France - depending on which way the wind's blowing, of course! Ours might very well get side-tracked by the Isle of Wight - but they'll look brilliant on the way. :)


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