3 October 2010

Breakfast : Fried Egg on Toast

Fried egg on toast is one of my favourite breakfasts.  Most especially, when we have just taken delivery of six eggs from Lozzie Cousins' back garden hens.  :)  I like to think I've got the preparation and eating of one fried egg on two slices of toast, down to a fine art.

First, you take your egg pan - just suitable for one egg (some may call it a blini pan, lol) and thanks go to Jane for it - and add a teaspoon of olive oil, then put it on a medium heat.

Then, you put two slices of bread in the toaster, get out your plate, a knife and fork and whichever smudge or butter you're going to be using on the toast.

Next, take an egg and crack it into the pan - and leave it to cook.

You may even have time for a short sit down while you wait for the toast to cook.

Once the toast is cooked, butter it, then cut it in half, then each half into three.  Place them on the plate with one slice re-assembled and a half of the other slice on each side.

Move everything to the cooker, where you add freshly ground sea salt and pepper to the toast.  This is most important!

When your egg starts to shout (i.e. the hot air escapes from underneath the white), it's done.  Tip onto the seasoned toast, and add a grind of salt & pepper to the egg.

Disappear back to the computer, where you'll be able to eat said egg with one hand, whilst the other one controls your mouse.

Simples!  LOL


  1. I love egg on toast too especially straight from our chicken's bottom! ;-)

  2. Now that's talent - to slip a piece of toast under there while the chicken is getting busy! LOL Ewwwwww! *chuckle*

  3. Lovely.....Yes.....lol :).
    I had fried egg on toast this morn'in (Ducks).
    Plus...Beacon...Sausage...Tomatoe....White Pudd'in....Beans...Phew! ALL, washed down with Earl Grey.....AND....for lunch....I've a 2lb Trout, which will be wrapped in fennel and lemon, olive oil, tin foil and roasted. :0).
    Go'in for it to-day......!
    Trouble is l've visitors for tea, had to buy some jam tarts and dough-nuts at Morrisons this morn'in...Don't really do tea....prefer to cook.
    So, l must be on my best 'rude' behaviour. That, for me, may be a little difficult...lol.

  4. I love eggs for breakfast and dinner, and your recipe is one of the best ways to have eggs. How great you have fresh eggs when you want, nice.

  5. Hi Jenny ;-) I've discovered your blog by you visiting mine...!

    Man, fried eggs are one of my favourites at any time of the day!

  6. Willie - here's an offical thankyou for the duck eggs and figs you brought over on Thursday! They are just SO welcome! :)

    Spicie Foodie - Thinking about when he's old enough to be at University or such, I've always said to my son that he'd do well to remember that he'll never go hungry while there's an egg in the house. LOL

    Mrs M - Hello! Oh, me too. In fact I don't think there's a way of preparing eggs that I won't eat. LOL In fact, tonight's meal for me is a frittata, using some of Willie's gorgeous Duck eggs that he gave me on Thursday! :) Can't wait!


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