9 October 2010

Bournemouth Echo "Taste" blog posting : Eggs & Pies

I won't bother putting the blog post here in all it's glory, as it is basically a re-run of the post about the Chicken & Sweetcorn Pie, and the Fried Eggs for breakfast.

However, if you are interested in seeing it, it is available here.

I didn't want to bore you all to tears with the same old pieces!


  1. This is a lovely eggsample of friendship.....ALL
    in a box together....and that's no yoke.....They
    look all white to me though. :)
    Sorry, feel'in a little fluffy, noth'in to do with food, but l'm off to Portsmouth to-night, to see the Temptations and Four Tops...Wow...
    I'm on Cloud Nine. (Temptations 1969). May not come down off the ceil'in till Wens. :0)
    Food.....Think l'll take a good old Sicilian....
    Spleen Bun with Mozzarella cheese. (I jest of course). Or am l.
    Love the eggs Jenny, but are they all, their 'cracked' up to be!

  2. LOL @ Willie. :) You said it - you're on cloud nine! I hope this evening turns out to be as fabulous as a) it sounds, and b) it should be!
    Have a wonderful time. :)

  3. Okay, now can anyone who passes by this page tell me why they're here?

    It's just that this page has been one of the most consistently visited (as has the "Eggs & Pie" post on the Bournemouth Echo) of all the pages on this blog.

    I am just so curious about what makes it so attractive?


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